7 Fall/Winter Fashion Prints to Take Interest in ...

With all the fall season clothes coming out in stores already, I’m sure you’ve seen a few familiar fall/winter fashion prints around, right? As a fashionista, I love to know what’s trending before I go shopping — that way I have a few ideas of what I’m looking for. If you aren’t sure of what these fall/winter fashion prints consist of, here are a few patterns to take interest in.

1. Plaid

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As seen on the fall 2013 runways, I am craving checks and tartan. Mix this classic print with a leather moto jacket and boots for a look that's less school girl, and more cool girl. Plaid is to winter what flowers are to spring. Designers are mad for plaid this fall — that's how it made the top spot on my list of fall/winter fashion prints — so it won’t be hard to find the print on just about every style of clothing. I am definitely looking for this print in coats and dresses.

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