7 FallWinter Fashion Prints to Take Interest in ...


7 FallWinter Fashion Prints to Take Interest in ...
7 FallWinter Fashion Prints to Take Interest in ...

With all the fall season clothes coming out in stores already, I’m sure you’ve seen a few familiar fall/winter fashion prints around, right? As a fashionista, I love to know what’s trending before I go shopping — that way I have a few ideas of what I’m looking for. If you aren’t sure of what these fall/winter fashion prints consist of, here are a few patterns to take interest in.

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Plaid As seen on the fall 2013 runways, I am craving checks and tartan. Mix this classic print with a leather moto jacket and boots for a look that's less school girl, and more cool girl. Plaid is to winter what flowers are to spring. Designers are mad for plaid this fall — that's how it made the top spot on my list of fall/winter fashion prints — so it won’t be hard to find the print on just about every style of clothing. I am definitely looking for this print in coats and dresses.



Stripes Whether horizontal, vertical, thin, thick, or black and white, stripes make a striking statement, day or night. Stripes have always been the most perfect classic print so of course it has now transitioned into fall. Look for large bold stripes in your winter coats and even on your trousers or find yourself some comfy stripe sweaters that are much easier and affordable to find. Bonus: you may even just have a few striped pieces hanging in your closet already.



Dalmatian As seen on Kate Middleton, the Dalmatian print is a big trend for this coming fall. Look for the print in sweaters, coats, handbags, and pumps. To wear a print such as this one, be sure that the rest of your ensemble is solid and simple. Strive for Kate Middleton, and not Snookie.



Jacquard I have seen jacquard all summer and all I could think about was how hot it was to wear this fabric. Now with the cooler weather coming in I can finally buy those jacquard pants I’ve been eyeing from JC Penney. If you aren’t familiar with this fabric, jacquard is a thick material that is almost an embroidered effect and has lots of metallic undertones, almost shiny. Jacquard is going to look amazing this fall and winter when dressing up. It’s a print that will give your outfit a luxurious flare.



Leopard With head-to-toe spots roaring into view at FW13, leopard print earned its status as "the new neutral." If you put your leopard away for the summer, it’s time to pull them back out because leopard is so in, not that leopard ever left either. This will be the easiest wardrobe update in your closet. If you don’t want to step over that "Jersey Shore" line then look for leopard in a more expensive looking print rather than a cheap looking version.



Houndstooth As seen all over the runways, and especially in Michael Kors rendition of this print, houndstooth is going to rock the season. You won’t just find this print in black and white either, expect cobalt blues, oxblood reds, and browns. You can either wear this print in just one piece as a statement or like Nina Dobrev on the cover of Cosmopolitan with her dress and shoes being houndstooth. Either way, wear it with confidence.



Snake Slithering its way back into our closets is the snake trend. With its edginess, this print can take any outfit to the next level. Look for this stylish print in jeans and pumps. Combine snake print with neutrals or mix them with dark jeweled tones for a diva look.

Is your mind running through your closet thinking about what pieces you already have? I know mine is. I love all these prints and I feel like I’m going to have a warm stylish fall and winter. What do you think of these prints and what other trends do you know of for the coming seasons?

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