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When prepping for fashion in 2014, don’t forget about your fabulous fall fashion choices of 2013 in the meantime. Fall fashion choices from 2013 can easily be transitioned right into the new year. In fact, many popular trends for 2014 were some of the top fashion choices for 2013 as well, just with a new twist or fresh new spin. I’m not one of those women who changes out her entire closet for the new year’s fashion changes. Even if it was affordable to do, I’m way too frugal for that! If you’re like me, just utilize what you have and implement some of the best fall fashion choices we saw last year, and wear them right into spring to stay in style and on budget!

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Trouser Pants

Trouser Pants Luckily, trouser pants were one of the top fall fashion choices for 2013, and they’re one of the best new trends for spring in 2014 as well. Wide-legged varieties are the most popular type of trousers to wear, so if you have a pair of wide legged jeans, dress pants, or any other styles from 2013, feel free to wear them right into 2014 with no worries.


Plaid Prints

Plaid Prints Plaid prints were popular in 2013, and though they aren’t dominating the fashion field as much in 2014, they’re still appearing all over the runway. Plaid shirts, skirts, pants, and even swimwear are popular this year.


Button Downs

Button Downs Button down shirts were a popular trend in 2013, and they’re also going to be big again in 2014. Button down blouses, skirts, and jackets are incredibly trendy for 2014.


Pattern Prints

Pattern Prints Pattern prints of any kind were big in 2013 and are going to be popular this year again as well. Including anything from solid prints, to animal prints, to plaids, as mentioned above, all prints are a go this year in fashion trends. So pull out your favorite from fall and wear it right into spring.


Shades of Green

Shades of Green Green was incredibly popular for 2013, and though it’s not a top trend for 2014, it’s definitely safe to wear in 2014. Emerald green and olive green were the most popular in the fall, and pastel green is going to be popular in the spring. No matter what green shades you love, you’re safe with any hue, in any fashion piece you choose.


Collarless Pieces

Collarless Pieces We saw a drastic decrease in jackets with collars this past fall, and in spring, it’s going to be a prominent trend. In fact, the trend in 2014 is to go collarless in shirts, jackets, and most any kind of outerwear. Don’t worry if you don’t have any collarless pieces though! Collars aren’t considered a trend to avoid, and I definitely won’t be getting rid of any of mine either.



Last fall longer jackets were in, along with a few shorter styles as well. This year, mostly shorter styles are being worn, but jackets overall are a major trend in fashion. They’re also perfect for layering, which makes them another great fashion choice for spring when the weather’s up and down for a few months.

I enjoy keeping up with fashion trends, but I don’t feel as though I have to change my wardrobe each year just to fit in. If you’re into fashion, what fall piece will you keep around for 2014?

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