Sensational Fashion Apps Thatll Entertain You for Hours ...

By Teresa

Sensational  Fashion Apps  Thatll Entertain  You for Hours  ...

If you’re a girl who’s obsessed with fashion, fashion apps are so much fun. They may just consume your life for a few hours every once in a while. If you’re looking for some fashion apps to have some fun with, these have got you covered. Whether you’re looking for a way to shop with your friends or you’re just looking for something to spice up your Instagram, these apps will provide you with hours of entertainment!

Table of contents:

  1. 1. Villoid
  2. 2. Chic Sketch
  3. 3. Shop It to Me
  4. 4. PS Dept
  5. 5. The Hunt
  6. 6. Whisp
  7. 7. ShopStyle

1 Villoid

Alexa Chung launched Villoid, and it combines a little something from all of our favorite fashion apps. It lets you create a virtual closet of sorts, and then share it with friends and follow other closets. Each item leads to a link that lets you purchase the pieces. I don’t know about you, but this is basically my dream app! I can follow other people who will put together cute outfits and all I have to do is click to buy them? Yes, please!

2 Chic Sketch

Chic Sketch
If you’re artsy and love a good Instagram picture but you’re pretty sick of seeing OOTDs on Instagram, Chic Sketch is the answer to your dilemma. You simply snap a picture of your entire look, and Chic Sketch comes up with an illustration, drawn by a fashion illustrator, for your most chic Instagram pictures ever.

3 Shop It to Me

Shop It to Me
If you’re like me, you’re all about finding a good sale. Shop it to Me takes the searching out of finding a good sale. Instead, you give Shop it to Me your size and you favorite stores and they pull up all of the sales for you every day. This app sounds so great that it might be a little dangerous to your bank account!

4 PS Dept

PS Dept
Have you ever wanted a personal shopper, but you just really hate shopping in stores? That’s the beauty of the Internet, and this app. PS Dept. matches you with a person shopper, and when you tell them what piece you’re looking for, the personal shoppers at PS Dept. will find it in a matter of minutes. It sure makes online shopping super easy, right?

5 The Hunt

The Hunt
If personal shopping really isn’t your thing but you’re still looking for a specific piece, try The Hunt. On The Hunt, you upload a picture of a piece that you love. Whether you saw it in a magazine, TV, movie, or just somewhere in the depths of Pinterest, the users on The Hunt will find it in no time at all for you. Isn’t the Internet amazing?

6 Whisp

One of the best parts of shopping online is chitchatting with your friends as you do so. That gets lost when you’re shopping online, which is pretty much a solitary experience. Whisp is out to change that with an app that lets you message back and forth with your friends as you shop online. It also lets you shop together. Rather than sending multiple links and screenshots of clothes you like, Whisp lets you drag and drop the pieces you’re looking at to get opinions from your friends.

7 ShopStyle

This app is a simple concept, but it’s so useful. It simply lets you peruse millions of stores at once, pick your favorite items, and buy directly from the retailer to cut down on any extra fees. It’s so simple, but one of the best fashion apps for the fashion addict in all of us!

What’s your favorite fashion app? Which do you spend multiple hours entertained by? Let me know in the comments!

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