TV Shows That'll Give You Amazing Style Ideas ...

I love TV shows for a lot of different reasons, but I often find myself getting distracted by the beautiful wardrobes more than anything else. If you’re a fan of television, but more than that, you love to get inspired by the amazing style you see on the show, this list is sure to give you some inspiration. You may already be familiar with most of these shows (by familiar I mean that you’ve had hours-long binge-watching sessions) but if you aren’t, these shows are sure to inspire your style as you watch them!

1. The Mindy Project

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Salvador Perez, the costume designer on The Mindy Project and president of the Costume Designer’s Guild, wasn’t nominated for a Costume Design Emmy for no reason. Every character’s style on the show is amazing, but Mindy Lahiri’s wardrobe is truly a scene-stealer that you’ll find yourself coveting within minutes of watching the show!

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