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8 Fashion Bloggers You Need to Know ...

By Diana

If you’re reading this, you’ve heard that the Internet boasts fashion bloggers who report on the latest and greatest in the style realm. But since everyone and her cat (yes, really) runs a blog nowadays, it can be difficult to weed out the wannabes from the fashionistas. Here are 8 of the best fashion bloggers around the web, so get your polished fingers ready to click, click, click!

1 Tavi Gevinson: the Style Rookie

Tavi Gevinson: the Style

In 2008, an 11-year-old Tavi Gevinson started a blog called The Style Rookie. Four years and countless perks later, her blog is a must-see for anyone with even a mild interest in fashion. I adore her at-times feminist musings, colorful photos, and ethereal look. Well-written and always right on-point, this is one fashion blog you’ll return to again and again.

2 Erica Domesek: P.S.- I Made This...

Erica Domesek: P.S.- I Made

If you covet the hottest designs but don’t have the cold hard cash to afford them, look no further than New York City fashion blogger Ernica Domesek. Her blog, P.S.- I made this, features of-the-moment trends you can make yourself. I’m not necessarily a crafty person, but the stunning images alone make this blog worthy of a peek. Ready to break out the scissors and glitter yet?


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3 Tamu McPherson: All the Pretty Birds

Tamu McPherson: All the Pretty

What do you get when you pair a first class fashionista with the stylish streets of Milan? A witty and gorgeous intro into street style and all things classy and fabulous. Just be warned: I couldn’t help but feel a tinge of jealousy at this glamour gal’s jet setter lifestyle.

4 Jane Aldridge: Sea of Shoes

Jane Aldridge: Sea of

Though one of the more controversial bloggers in recent months, Jane Aldridge dresses to impress and doesn’t show any signs of stopping. Whatever your opinion of the fiery redhead, I promise you’d want to walk a day in her shoes after taking one look at them.

5 Gabi Gregg: Gabi Fresh

Gabi Gregg: Gabi

You might remember Gabi Gregg as the Twitter Jockey for MTV. But I will call myself forever loyal to this fashion blogger for her feminism and plus-size pride. And her outfits are simply head-to-toe perfect. My credit cards may not be too happy, but I sure am.

6 Melanie Pyves: the Streets I Know

Melanie Pyves: the Streets I

Melanie Pyves has proven time and again that vegans can be super stylish fashion bloggers. If you’re looking for an animal-friendly way to spice up your wardrobe this season, Melanie’s blog is the answer.

7 «James» Kicinski-McCoy: Bleu Bird Vintage

«James» Kicinski-McCoy: Bleu Bird

Vintage enthusiasts will love Texas fashion blogger «James» Kicinski-McCoy’s musings about family life and fabulous finds. I simply can’t get enough of her realness – don’t you just love it when you feel like a blogger is just another one of the girls?

8 Susanna Lau: Style Bubble

Susanna Lau: Style

You’ve probably heard of London-based fashion blogger Susanna Lau (aka Susie Bubble). But if you haven’t checked out her fun and funky blog lately, you should click on over right now. Not only is she intelligent and fun, but this chick isn’t afraid to don sneakers with a high-end outfit. I’d kick my heels up for Susie any day.

Fashion blogs have been dominating the industry in recent years. Which of these blogs do you plan to check out? Who are your favorite fashion bloggers?

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