7 Fashion Fixes Every Woman Should Know ...

You might expect these fashion fixes to be a list of quick repairs to make when you experience a wardrobe malfunction. Wrong ā€“ these fashion fixes are ways to extend the life of your clothes. Iā€™m bringing you some great ideas to keep your wardrobe in tip top condition.

1. Life Extenders for New Clothes

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When you first buy new clothes, there are a few fashion fixes to attend to before hanging them in your closet. Fasten any loose threads by pulling them to the wrong side and securing or even completely trimming them. If you have patch pockets, reinforce the stitching on them by sewing a small triangle at the top corner of each pocket. Protecting your clothes from perspiration will also extend their lifespan. Use cotton underarm shields and let your clothes that can only be dry-cleaned dry in the air to remove all the sweat ā€“ turn them inside out on the hanger for the best results.

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