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7 Fashion Rules to Follow Every Day ...

By Ellie

If you want to read a post of the fashion trends to look out for next season, then the internet is full of them. This is not that. I love fashion, I subscribe to Vogue, I follow bloggers. But, unless you work in the industry or happen to have a lot of money and free time, keeping up with every trend just isn't possible. It really annoys me when I'm reading a magazine and it seems to assume that every day is a runway, because it isn't, for anyone. So, if you want to look good but don't particularly care about trends, here are some simple dressing tips to follow.

1 Forget the Trends

First things first, stop trying to do whatever we're being told to do. If, for example, double denim is in (it is) and you have it in your wardrobe, and you like it, then by all means wear it. But if not, dress only for yourself - don't dress for a magazine. Fashion is not necessarily synonymous with style.

2 Dress for Your Shape

The amount of people I see wearing clothes that are too tight for them is crazy. It seems to be a real thing amongst younger people - just because bodycon dresses and skinny jeans are popular at the moment doesn't mean you have to wear them! The clothes we see on the catwalks are designed to suit a very narrow range of people. Find out what cuts and styles suit you - spend a day shopping and trying things on, even stuff you wouldn't normally - and stick to it.


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3 Wardrobe Classics

I have a lot of STUFF in my wardrobe but the things I wear the most are the things that never go out of fashion. I think everyone should have these, for sheer ease alone - try starting with some basic tees, great jeans, a Breton top, a white shirt, black tailored trousers and a dress you absolutely love. Then, build up your own 'classics'; things you'll always wear, like a silky printed shirt, or a leather jacket.

4 You Don't Always Have to Be 'fun'

Do you know what I mean? I feel like there's pressure on us as women to always have some kind of nod to fashion - when sometimes all we want to do is put on our most boring but comfortable outfit. But that's OK; you're going to have days where you feel like you're part of the scenery, or days when NOTHING will look right. Try not to get stressed out, and remember that really it's just clothes, anyway.

5 Don't Underestimate Simplicity

When I see an outfit I don't like, most of the time it's because it's just too much. There's patterns, frills, leather, a ruffle - who needs all that?! If you look back at the women we consider effortlessly, timelessly stylish - Audrey Hepburn, Coco Chanel - they dressed simply. A white shirt with a statement necklace, a simple one-colour dress, stripes, a stand-out full evening skirt with a plain cotton t-shirt - all easy, but beautiful.

6 Don't Let the Clothes Wear You

Whatever you choose to wear, make it your own. I think the saying 'wear the clothes - don't let the clothes wear you' is so appropriate. If you aren't comfortable in something, it WILL show, even if you actually look great. Don't wear something you don't feel at home in - even if your mum, your best friend AND your boyfriend has told you how great you look.

7 Take Inspiration

I don't mean from fashion magazines, because what we see in those is normally unattainable. You can get inspiration from anywhere - old films, old movie stars (more realistic bodies, fashions that don't go out of style), on the street, on certain reality shows because the women on them tend to shop on the high street (use with caution). Don't be afraid to cherry pick the best style from the world around you and make it your own - see what you end up with.

Sometimes, getting dressed in the morning can feel like a chore you really just want to avoid. If you don't have a uniform or work from home, it can actually cause quite a lot of anxiety. I hope keeping some of the tips above in mind will help to relieve a little bit of that - they've helped me. What is your advice for dressing stylishly, but simply?

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