7 Easy Outfit Ideas to Look like a Million Bucks without Spending 100 ...


As someone who loves to look put-together without spending a fortune, I love searching for pictures of outfits that I can easily recreate for little money at all. In fact, you may have a lot of these outfit ideas in your closet already. If you’re looking to switch things up this spring with a few new outfits, these outfit ideas are sure to inspire you to pull a few, new, and fun outfits together yourself!

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A Button-down with White Denim

denim,clothing,blue,jeans,footwear, Everyone has their favorite, casual button-down hanging in their closet, and paired with white denim, this outfit looks like you spent a fortune trying to put it together. I think that white denim can instantly pull any outfit together, and it’s super affordable. Old Navy, for example, always has white denim in the spring, and it’s definitely cost-friendly!


Your Favorite Dress with a Luxe Blazer

clothing,footwear,fashion,outerwear,spring, Everyone has that favorite dress in her closet, just waiting to be worn whenever possible. If you’re looking for a way to spice up your classic dress, pair it with a blazer. If you’re really looking to add a little something to your classic look, a glittery blazer like this is perfect for a night out on the town!


A Flowy Midi Skirt and Your Go-to Button down Shirt

color,clothing,pink,red,dress, Midi skirts are going to be all the rage this spring, which means that you’ll find them at all of your favorite stores. Stores like Forever 21 and ASOS are going to sell them like hotcakes this spring and summer. They look breezy, fun, and perfect for warm weather. Wear your favorite midi skirt with a button-down shirt for an outfit that works for both picnics and job interviews.


Layers, Layers, and More Layers

clothing,footwear,fur clothing,fur,leather, If you’re having a hard time putting an outfit together, pick pieces that color coordinate. In this picture, the green and blue navy button-down goes perfectly with casual blue jeans, and the camel blazer and pearl statement necklace dress it up a little bit more.


Add a Military Jacket

clothing,outerwear,spring,fashion,dress, You could be wearing the most casual, typical outfit, like a white tank top and a pair of jeans, but when you add a military jacket to it, it instantly becomes a new and dynamic look. Just because it’s a tried and true classic doesn’t mean it can’t be updated!


Go for Floral

footwear,clothing,boot,fashion,leather, Floral pants are surprisingly easy to find around the springtime. Stores like American Eagle and Forever 21 always sell floral pants as the weather gets warmer and real flowers start to bloom. You can wear a simple black t-shirt or blazer with floral pants and not only will you look like you spent a million bucks on your outfit, but you’ll also look like you spent a long time trying to pull it all together!


Try a Pencil Skirt

clothing,footwear,fashion,street,dress, Skirts are back in a big way this year, no matter the style, and a pencil skirt is an easy way to get in on this trend. You probably already have a pencil skirt in your closet, but it’s also pretty easy to find pencil skirts with awesome patterns like this one.

Which of these outfits is your favorite? Will you try to recreate any? I know that I will!

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Some nice and cute pieces

Blue button down shirt and white denims are great &the; pencil skirt with button down blouse too

Cute outfits


The pictures don't match

Nice outfits , but I would necessarily say they make you look like a million bucks

Def the midi skirt outfit is my fav

Love this!

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