7 Easy Outfit Ideas to Look like a Million Bucks without Spending $100 ...

As someone who loves to look put-together without spending a fortune, I love searching for pictures of outfits that I can easily recreate for little money at all. In fact, you may have a lot of these outfit ideas in your closet already. If you’re looking to switch things up this spring with a few new outfits, these outfit ideas are sure to inspire you to pull a few, new, and fun outfits together yourself!

1. A Button-down with White Denim

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Everyone has their favorite, casual button-down hanging in their closet, and paired with white denim, this outfit looks like you spent a fortune trying to put it together. I think that white denim can instantly pull any outfit together, and it’s super affordable. Old Navy, for example, always has white denim in the spring, and it’s definitely cost-friendly!

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