Basic White Girl Fashion to Keep You on Your Game ...

By Laura

Basic White Girl Fashion to Keep You on Your Game ...

With each new year, comes a whole new bunch of fashion trends that we all have to keep up with! Some might be coming round again from years ago, some might be completely new and innovative, but no matter what they are, the main thing is that you need to know about them in order to maintain your fashion credibility! To make sure you are on top of everything this year, here are some basic white girl fashions you need to be ready for so you can either keep up or avoid.

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Animal Prints

There always seems to be one particular animal print that makes it big each year, and 2019 seems to be the year of the leopard! OF course, you probably should steer away from real fur (because let's get real every **basic white girl **is against animal cruelty), a nice faux patterned look doesn’t hurt anybody and it makes for a much more interesting and glamorous aesthetic. And don't forget about the dresses and tights!


Wraps and Robes

It’s all about subtle layering this year, and this can be achieved by the use of wraps and robes. The look of a giant oversized cardigan wrap is much more sophisticated than last year's athleisure wear trend and easy to pair with something more formal underneath. The combination is a really cool one, especially if you have a fuller figure and you're trying to hide your curves!


Sustainable Style

At this point in history, we are all too educated and woke to be making choices that are going to continue to harm the environment. Basic white girls have made huge advances in this category by trying to pick up accessories that are made from recyclable and sustainable materials and IGing them like crazy! 2019 is definitely not the year to be bringing more plastic and one-use products into the world.


Statement Sneakers

Look down at everyone’s feet and it feels like we have travelled back to the 90s... I love it! The more bold and colorful your sneaker game is in 2019, the better. Nike really seem to be taking the lead in this area so browse and see what catches your eye. You're inner basic white girl will thank you for the comfort and fashion forward look.


Cool Bags

Gone are the days when a normal looking tote bag was acceptable for the day. You can expect to see lots of weird and wonderful shapes, materials and patterns on bags. They are going to kind of like Pokemon, gotta catch ‘em all! Which may or may not be your thing, but I personally am still rocking my over-sized cross-body bag because I'm a mom and it's way more fashion forward than a diaper bag. HAHA

So, what do you think? Are any of these trends tickling your basic white girl?

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You say Nike. I also love fila line of sneakers