How to Dress like a Millionaire on an Average Jane's Budget ...


How to Dress like a Millionaire on an Average Jane's Budget ...
How to Dress like a Millionaire on an Average Jane's Budget ...

Ever heard of the phrase ‘you look like a million dollars’? Well, guess what, I’ve got a secret for you, the people who look like a million dollars have hardly ever spent that much money! Of course, when we see the likes of Charlize Theron and Meryl Streep at the Oscars, their outfits and accessories have cost a pretty penny, but the thing is, you can look as good as they do for a tiny fraction of the price! Here is how to dress like a millionaire on an average Jane budget!

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Classic Basic

Here’s the thing, items like little black dresses, dark wash jeans, and even some knits barely look that different whether you are buying them on the high street or in a designer store! Build your wardrobe with a foundation of lower price pieces that look exactly the same whether they are Primark or Prada; your wallet will thank you!



It can sometimes be hard to nail that shabby chic vibe when you don’t have the expensive clothes to pull it off in the first place, so the best plan of action is to stick to a cleaner, fresher look. It’s easier to look more expensive than you actually are when you are relying on strong lines, smart accessories, and neat hair and makeup!


Good Shoes

For many women, shoes are the thing that their eyes go to first, so if you want to choose one area of your outfit to spend the most money on, then make it footwear! A great pair of shoes has the power to elevate the entire feel and tone of a less expensive outfit.


Don’t Flaunt Brands

The think about looking expensive is that those who can afford it, hardly ever have their labels and brand names displayed in a garish way. A purse or bag covered in huge logos will let people know that you spend a lot of money in it, but it doesn’t necessarily conjure images of looking a million dollars. In fact, it can end up looking rather tacky!



You can instantly make your entire outfit look that little bit more classy and expensive simply by draping a coat or cardigan over shoulders instead of fully wearing it. It’s not the most practical thing to do, but it definitely adds an air of luxury and sophistication that screams money!


Good Condition

If you are going to wear something with the intention of looking expensive, you need to take extra care in making sure that nothing you have on has any holes, scratches, nicks, or tears of any kind. That kind of condition is the exact opposite of what you are trying to put across.



A big pair of Jackie Kennedy style sunglasses can do absolute wonders for the expensive feel of a look. There is something about the tortoiseshell design that effortlessly encapsulates luxury and expense.


Classy Nails

Don’t go too crazy at the nail salon in terms of the colours and styles that you choose for your manicure. The less outlandish the final look is, the more expensive and sophisticated a reaction people will have to it! Leave the crazy colours, lengths, and patterns for special party occasions!


Dark Denim

When wearing denim, it always looks more expensive when you opt darker shades. The rule generally goes along the lines of the darker the wash, the sleeker you look.


Signature Scent

Don’t underestimate the power of a good perfume! If you can discover a perfect signature scent for yourself, then you can pretty much make any type of outfit feel more expensive. The aim is to stimulate people in more than one sensory way.

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