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23 Fashionable Capes to Add to Your Winter Wardrobe ...

By Eliza

Capes are such a cute winter accessory and you will love how warm and comfy they are. My mom gave me one for Christmas several years ago and it looks good dressed up or down. Plus it keeps me warm while I drive without all the bulk of a heavy winter coat. If you need some ideas for capes to add to your closet, check out the classic ones on this list. The only trouble will be choosing which one you want the most.

1 Something Fancy

Something FancyVia Frou Frou Fashionista Luxury Lingerie ...
I'm not sure this is one the capes you'll wear often, but it sure is stunning isn't it?

2 With Some Fur

With Some FurVia Double Breasted Camel Cape Coat
This lovely colored cape topped with fake fur would be warm and trendy at the same time.

3 Red Riding Hood Cape

Red Riding Hood CapeVia Red Riding Hood Cape Pattern
Making a cape is super easy so you can sew a bunch of them for yourself.

4 Floor Length

Floor LengthVia SALE Blue Elven cloak medieval ...
Most capes don't reach all the way to the ground, but this one is lovely, isn't it?

5 Short and Plaid

Via The Brief: Your Wednesday Boredom ...
On the other hand, many are short and still add tons of visual appeal to your outfits. This plaid pattern is great!

6 Lightweight Fabric

Lightweight FabricVia What Style Blogger Grace Atwood ...
For days that aren't frigid, a serape made out of lightweight fabric will keep you warm, but not roasting hot.

7 A Little Bit of School Girl

A Little Bit of School GirlVia All Hail Miroslava Duma's Impeccable ...
This pattern reminds me of private school skirts, but without all the weirdness that wearing one as an adult has.

8 Side Sleeves

Side SleevesVia Ecstasy Models
This cape would be comfy because it has side slits instead of constricting sleeves that get in the way.

9 For the Office

For the OfficeVia 17 Ideas with Capes and ...
A cape is a wonderful accessory to dress up a sheath and pair of heels for work.

10 Optical Illusion

Optical IllusionVia Cinzia Rocca
The fabric that this cape is made from reminds me of optical illusions you see on the computer.

11 Bridal Cape

Bridal CapeVia Krikor Jabotain Spring / Summer ...
This cape attached to the wedding gown gives it lots of elegance and sophistication.

12 For a Formal Event

For a Formal EventVia Secrets of Today's 20 Most ...
A cape added to a formal dress keeps you warm without covering up the dress itself.

13 Retro Look

Retro LookVia Apricot Patchwork Pockets Buttons Asymmetric ...
This cape makes me think of the 1950s. How about you?

14 All Black

All BlackVia The ME Fashion: Trend-Alert!
A black cape is wonderful because you can pair it with pretty much any outfit in your closet.

15 Flared Hem

Flared HemVia Winnipeg Wonder Cape - Black ...
Not only is this black cape wonderful, but the flared hem makes it extra special.

16 Cream Ivory Knit

Cream Ivory KnitVia Winter Days Cream Ivory Knit ...
Part sweater, part cape - this looks warm and cozy, doesn't it?

17 Camel Sleeveless Cape

Camel Sleeveless CapeVia Camel Sleeveless Cape Coat
This elegant cape looks wonderful with jeans and heels. Perfect of just about any outing.

18 Perfect for Winter

Perfect for WinterVia Wedding ideas
This one isn't very practical, but it's really beautiful, don't you think?

19 White Hooded Cape

White Hooded CapeVia Lainey Gossip Entertainment Update - ...
A hood adds personality to your cape and makes it even warmer when the temperature dips.

20 Bright Colors

Bright ColorsVia Items similar to 3 colors ...
You don't have to choose a neutral colored cape. Go for one in a bright, bold color!

21 Buttons and Flaps

Buttons and FlapsVia Trendy Tuesday: Capes
I love the embellishments on this cape. It would look really great with jeans too.

22 Sweater Cape

Sweater CapeVia Favorite Pinterest "PINS"- Winter Fashion ...
Here's another great sweater cape that could be dressed up or worn casual.

23 Asymmetrical Hem

Asymmetrical HemVia A few new FWK pieces ...
For something really different, choose a cape that is asymmetrical. This one is cute, isn't it?

Do you wear a cape during the winter? I would love to have more of them. If only my closet were bigger. Do you see one that you want?

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