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Bathrobes are great because they keep you warm and offer some modesty if you hang out in your jammies with other people. Even if you don't, it's nice to have a cozy wrap to snuggle in when you get up in the morning or while you watch television at night. With so many bathrobes to choose from, the only problem you're going to have is deciding which one you like best. Check out these fun choices!

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Batman Hooded Bathrobe

Batman Hooded Bathrobe Via squidoo.com
I have three boys, so this is one of those bathrobes that would make us all happy. Wouldn't it be fun to sport this cool robe around the house?


Marvel Comics Spiderman

Marvel Comics Spiderman Via Marvel Comics Bathrobes
Of course, if you're more of a Spider-man fan, there's a bathrobe for you too.


Fleece Robe

Fleece Robe Via verabradley.com
Not only is fleece super warm, but the pattern on this robe can't be beat. I'd love to hang around in this warm little gem.


R2d2 from Star Wars

R2d2 from Star Wars Via The Robe You're Looking For ...
If you love Star Wars, you are going to adore wearing this cute bathrobe. Look for the other characters too so you have a full set.


Lace Robe

Lace Robe Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
I'm not sure this would keep you all that warm, but it sure looks nice, doesn't it? Perfect for a wedding night, wouldn't you say?


Wave Pattern in Green

Wave Pattern in Green Via .ruffcottageweed.
I don't recommend wearing your bathrobe outside because that's weird, but this one would definitely be warm enough if you did.


Polka Dot Bathrobe

Polka Dot Bathrobe Via Tucker + Tate Hooded Robe ...
The color and pattern of this bathrobe are both really awesome! It would be cute in purple or turquoise too. Even lime green would be wonderful!


Flowery Silk

Flowery Silk Via Printed Robes
This looks like a dream to wear - soft and floaty. Perfect for a cool, but not really cold day.


Vintage 1930s Robe

Vintage 1930s Robe Via vintage 1930s robe / green ...
Boy they sure don't make bathrobes like they used to. This is so elegant and sophisticated. It would be hard not to show it off to everyone.


Swiss Dot Robe

Swiss Dot Robe Via Women's Pajamas & Loungewear | ...
This robe looks like the perfect combination of comfort and function. Not too heavy, not too light, but just right!


Outdoor Robe

Outdoor Robe Via High Heels...High Hopes
I don't usually advocate wearing your bathrobe out, but this one would be good over a swimsuit.


Sabrina Kimono

Sabrina Kimono Via Shop Soiree on sale. Reduce'n'Seduce ...
This probably isn't all that functional, but who cares when it looks this good?


His and Hers

His and Hers Via go.qb.by
Who wouldn't want to have matching bathrobes with their significant other? How cute would that be!


Royal Purple Lounging Robe

Royal Purple Lounging Robe Via Royal Purple Lounging Robe - ...
Not only does this robe look super soft and comfy, but you won't find one that's warmer anywhere else.


Leopard Robes in Flannel

Leopard Robes in Flannel Via European Inspired Home Furnishings | ...
Flannel is so cozy and I love the leopard print of these. Which one would you choose?


A Little Feathery

A Little Feathery Via Retro Gifts For Dita Von ...
Every girl needs an elegant robe with some feathery fringe added.


Wrap Closure

Wrap Closure Via VFL.Ru это, фотохостинг без регистрации, ...
I love the way this robe closes. It's so different and way more functional than a tie that keeps coming undone.


Lace Bathrobe Trench

Lace Bathrobe Trench Via Miroslava Duma - a Russian ...
This robe is so cute! This is one that I definitely would have a hard time not wearing out and about.


Cashmere Cable Knit Robe

Cashmere Cable Knit Robe Via Browse Our Departments
A cashmere cable knit robe? Yes, please!


Silk Satin Robe

Silk Satin Robe Via net-a-porter.com
Something like this doesn't come cheap, but it would be a splurge that would be totally worth it.


Vintage 50s Chenille Bathrobe

Vintage 50s Chenille Bathrobe Via Vintage 50s colorful "I Love ...
There is absolutely nothing about this bathrobe that I don't like. Isn't it beautiful?


Bright Flowers

Bright Flowers Via PiP Bathrobe Birds in Paradise ...
Not only is the color of this awesome, but the big bright flowers make it even better.


Fit for a Queen

Fit for a Queen Via Sassy Sorority | Zeta Tau ...
The crown print on this is cute and the color can't be beat!

Do you wear a bathrobe? I'm an off again, on again kind of girl with mine. It's bright turquoise and fuzzy. What does your robe look like? Did you find your next one on this list?

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