11 Fun Sweaters to Cosy up in ...


I know spring is here, but that does not mean that you canโ€™t wear a few fun sweaters! The weather has not warmed up much on the East Coast, so spring is our (light) sweater weather! Here are some fun sweaters you can (and would want to) slip on during one of those chillier spring nights:

1. Sheer Sleeve Sweater

Sheer Sleeve Sweater

This is one of my favorite fun sweaters on this list! I love everything about this sweater: the colors, the style, and the price. Itโ€™s a nice loose sweater and the sheer sleeves make it extra flirty! I would wear this adorable sweater with some leggings and ankle boots.

โ€˜Modern Artโ€™ Geometric Open Knit Pullover
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