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27 Lovely Winter Coats to Keep You Warm This Year ...

By Eliza

Cool weather is fast approaching and you're going to want to be warm, so it's time to start thinking about winter coats. If you want to be cozy without sacrificing your style, it's a good idea to buy a classic and stylish coat that you can wear with anything. Fortunately for you, there is no shortage of choices. Check out all these great winter coats, then get ready to go shopping!

1 Simple and Neutral

Simple and NeutralVia Street Style Spring 2013: Paris ...
This is one of the best styles of winter coats because it's simple. The color makes it easy to pair with anything in your closet.

2 Flirty

You'll be the center of attention anywhere you go when you put this beautiful coat on in the morning.

3 Cozy like a Sweatshirt

Cozy like a SweatshirtVia
The material used to make this coat looks soft and warm and is sure to become your favorite in no time.

4 Flair on the Back

Flair on the BackVia
Who says your coat has to be plain and boring on the back? A choice like this one makes you look good coming and going.

5 Tied in Front

Tied in FrontVia Get in My Closet!
The tie gives this coat a little touch of femininity and helps keep you warm.

6 Ultra Fancy

Ultra FancyVia Superb Splendid Full Length Trailing ...
This coat is definitely not practical, but it sure would be fun to wear.

7 Add a Belt

Add a BeltVia Items similar to Winter Coat ...
Strap a belt over your coat to define your fabulous shape.

8 A Little Bit Retro

A Little Bit RetroVia Etsy :: Your place to ...
I like the vintage feel of this coat and the contrast of pink and black is beautiful.

9 Bright Blue

Bright BlueVia Etsy :: Your place to ...
Who wouldn't smile when wearing this beautiful blue coat? I know I would.

10 Ruffles

RufflesVia Etsy :: Your place to ...
You can't go wrong with some well placed ruffles. This coat is so cute!

11 Back Bow

Back BowVia Etsy :: Your place to ...
The cute little bow gives this coat a touch of personality. The color can't be beat either!

12 Plain and Black

Plain and BlackVia Etsy :: Your place to ...
Of course, there's never anything wrong with choosing a traditional black coat.

13 Brown with Black

Brown with BlackVia Items similar to Black Women ...
A brown coat with black buttons is easy to pair with anything you own.

14 Plum Toned

Plum TonedVia Street Fashion - Winter [8pics] ...
You probably aren't going to see anyone else wearing a coat this color. Love it!

15 A Dab of Fur

A Dab of FurVia Items similar to Blue Women ...
A bit of fur gives this coat a cute vibe and promises to keep you really warm while you wear it.

16 Fur Coat

Fur CoatVia Top 10 Faux Fur Ideas ...
If you love fur, you can always go for something like this one too.

17 Red Cashmere Coat

Red Cashmere CoatVia Red Coat Fitted Military Style ...
Stand out in a good way when you wear this adorable red coat out and about.

18 With a Scarf

With a ScarfVia 16 Ways to Wear Tartan ...
Bring new life to your coat by adding a bright scarf and handbag.

19 Toggle Closure

Toggle ClosureVia PIC 404
Toggle closures are cute and easy to operate when you're wearing mittens.

20 Open Front

Open FrontVia
This coat won't keep the wind out, but it's more than cute enough to make up for it.

21 Three Quarter Sleeves

Three Quarter SleevesVia BuyerSelect - lifestyle simplified
A coat with 3/4 sleeves is ideal for wearing over sweaters when it gets cold outside.

22 Totally Girly

Totally GirlyVia Items similar to Women's Pink ...
The color, design and cut of this coat come together in something that definitely tops my wish list.

23 Crochet Winter Coat

Crochet Winter CoatVia Crochet patterns: Crochet Winter Coats ...
If you're crafty, you could make yourself a one-of-a-kind coat like this one.

24 With a Hood

With a HoodVia CathInTheCity
If you want to keep the snow off your hair, make sure you choose a coat with a hood.

25 Purple Trench

Purple TrenchVia Glam Pas Glam
Who wouldn't love to have this? I wish it was hanging in my closet right now.

27 Long and Black

Long and BlackVia dustjacket attic: Mustard | Coats ...
This coat is stylish and it looks really warm too.

28 Tweed Jacket

Tweed JacketVia Tweed Jacket
Tweed is warm and looks great with so many things.

What does your favorite winter coat look like? Do you go for warmth or style when you buy a new one?

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