7 Fun Ways to Dress for Comfort While Still Looking Fab ...


7 Fun Ways to Dress for Comfort While Still Looking Fab ...
7 Fun Ways to Dress for Comfort While Still Looking Fab ...

When I describe my closet to people, I like the adjective comfortable, and I can officially say I have mastered the ways to dress for comfort. When thinking of ways to dress for comfort most people think of yoga pants and hoodies, and they completely rule out some fabrics. These are just a few ways I suggest that you can dress for comfort too.

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Comfy Cozy

Comfy Cozy One of the best ways to dress for comfort is by choosing comfortable fabrics. Cotton and silk are some of softest and most comfortable fabrics. I like to coordinate my outfits by fabrics. The softer the fabric, the better!


Stylish Support

Stylish Support Of all the ways to dress for comfort, support is one of the best ways. One thing that is my guilty pleasure is buying and wearing high heels. What I’ve learned about wearing heels is that they can be comfortable especially with fabric that gives a little and a wide heel. Wedges are perfect for being stylish and giving support.


Blissfully Balanced

Blissfully Balanced Another one of my ways for dressing for comfort is by picking and choosing. Let’s say one day you’re just super confused about what to wear. Instead of wearing an outfit that is completely uncomfortable, pick several comfy items and then one that isn’t, if you must.


Finding Favorites

Finding Favorites Ways to dress for comfort become super easy when you have favorites. I know having favorites can seem a little ridiculous, but everyone really should have them. I know I have my go to brands for shoes and basics and they never fail me. I like to say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.



GIY Another one of the ways to dress for comfort is by doing GIY aka glam it yourself projects. Sometimes taking a little time out here and there and making your own clothes can truly be fun and comfortable. When you make anything yourself, it’s perfect for you, and it meets all of your needs... and your style!


Pay More

Pay More While I was thinking of ways to dress for comfort, I realized that some of my most comfortable items actually a bit pricy. One thing about dressing for comfort is that sometimes you have to pay more for items, but you truly do get what you pay for.


Cute Cushions

Cute Cushions One of my last ways to dress for comfort is by, picking items that have some cushion. When you buy items just check and see if they’re padded at all. Or you can put your own padding in an item like a shoe, or even a brazier. Pads may seem like an ancient idea, but they truly do help for comfort.

Whether you’re trying out some stylish support, cutting out some cushions, or finding some favorites these tips are successful in attaining comfort. I recommend that you start making small changes and then gravitate towards making more drastic changes. If you don’t mind, will you share some of your comfort secrets with me?

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#5...must try!

I do number 3 too ! Haha

Not to mention half of these don't even look comfy.

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