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8 Fashion Tips for a 1920s Look for Your Next Costume Party ...

By Alison

The 1920s look is really big at the moment, with the recent release of The Great Gatsby. Flapper-inspired clothes and sparkling jewellery are everywhere. But what if you like the fashion of the era, but don't want to look as though you belong in a silent movie? Here are some super tips on how to get a modern twist on the 1920s look …

1 Figure It out

Unfortunately the most typical sign of the 1920s look, flapper dresses, were designed to fit slim, straight figures. Any other shape isn't flattered by them. So if you don't have a boyish figure, forget about wearing 1920s-style dresses. Try other ways to get the look - any of the following tips will work.

2 Hair Décor

One of the simplest ways to get the 1920s look is to use hair decorations. These were very popular at the time, and no flapper would be seen without hair jewels. Look for sparkly pins, barrettes, and hair bands, which will add a touch of the Jazz Age to your outfit.

3 Makeup

You might not want to copy 1920s makeup to the last detail, but you can use it as inspiration. Think of the actresses of the period to get an idea. Eyebrows were plucked into thin, dark, downward slopes defined with dark pencil, which may be too much. Eye makeup was dark, with the whole eye lined. Lipstick emphasised the cupid's bow.

4 Jewellery

It's very easy to add a 1920s vibe with some gorgeous jewellery. There are some really beautiful costume pieces around. Look for sparkly diamante jewellery. Another idea is to throw on long ropes of pearls, like Louise Brooks wore in the iconic photo of her in a black dress.

5 Flapper Footwear

1920s-style footwear is also easy to find, and much more practical than most modern shoes. Heels were generally quite low, which must have made it a lot easier to dance in them. No skyscraper heels for the 1920s girl! Look for shoes with ankle straps or t-bar straps.

6 Glitter & Sparkle

As well as jewellery and hair decoration, glitter and sparkle were often found on clothing. Plenty of modern pieces have sparkly trims or edges. If you can't find the right piece, you can also buy some trim from a haberdasher and sew it onto a plain garment.

7 Drop Waist Dresses

As I've mentioned before, Twenties dresses are really only designed for boyish figures. If that describes you, then you can happily wear this style. 1920s dresses were quite fitted, with a dropped waist. The fringing typical of the period is great for evening wear, if a bit too much for daywear!

8 Fabulous Faux Fur

Finally, take some inspiration from the 1920s girls and put a modern twist on it. The flappers loved fur, with coats often trimmed lavishly around the hem or neck. We don't have to use real fur though; there are beautiful fake fur trims available. Or add a fake fur stole to a plain coat.

The 1920s was certainly a stylish decade for women, as they discovered a new freedom. This was reflected in the clothes, with shorter hemlines and daring touches. Almost a century later, we modern girls can steal a bit of the flapper style. The 1920s look is about boldness and panache. Would you like to have lived in the 1920s?

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