8 Funky Headphones ...


8 Funky Headphones ...
8 Funky Headphones ...

It’s a common sight these days to see people going about their day to day activities, all while plugged in to a pair of headphones. While the most common headphones are white and tiny, thanks to a certain popular MP3 device that I shall not name, there are a range of fun and funky styles out. These are great for those who want to stand out from the crowd, or are simply after something a little different. Take a look at a few funky headphones below.

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Marc by Marc Jacobs Acetate Headphones

Marc by Marc Jacobs Acetate Headphones Price: $68.00 at net-a-porter.com
These pink acetate headphones make quite the statement. They feature designer illustrations at the sides and an adjustable band on top. They also have a microphone at the audio cable to enable hands-free talking. These headphones will definitely earn you street-cred.


Thinksound Black Chocolate Headphones

Thinksound Black Chocolate Headphones Price: $74.99 at store.thinksound.com
When you think of items crafted from wood, headphones aren’t the first to come to mind. These funky headphones, however, are encased in a wood housing. The wood housing is also supposed to enhance the sound quality. These headphones also feature qualities such as flexible silicone ear inserts and a gold plated plug.


Sound Stacks Headphones in Raspberry

Sound Stacks Headphones in Raspberry Price: $44.99 at modcloth.com
These headphones remind me of Lego blocks. They are bright and colourful and will definitely help you stand out from the crowd. They feature a stainless steel band, raspberry cord, and rectangular silicone ear pads. These funky headphones would make a graphic addition to any outfit.


Eskuche 33 1/3 Headphones

Eskuche 33 1/3 Headphones Price: $60.00 at farfetch.com
These headphones are very retro in design. They have a rose gold appearance and feature soft ear cup cushioning, a woven cloth cord, and a pliable headband. These headphones are also compatible with most MP3 players, laptops, and DJ mixers. Buy these as a gift for the music obsessed in your life, or as a treat to yourself.


Aiaiai in-Ear Headphones

Aiaiai in-Ear Headphones Price: $48.00 at farfetch.com
These white plastic in-ear headphones are a little bit glamorous. They have a gold ear piece detail and contrasting purple connector. These are definitely an example of fresh and funky headphones. Plug these into your iPod or MP3 player and add a bit of bling to your look.


Urbanears the Plattan Headphones

Urbanears the Plattan Headphones Price: $60.00 at karmaloop.com
These headphones are available in a range of colours. They are ‘classic’ in design but incorporate all the functions you would expect of modern technology. These funky headphones have a hinge construction that allows the headphone to fold down to a fraction of its size. So when you’re not wearing them, you can easily fold them down into a compact size for safe storage.


Crocheted Bow Headphones

Crocheted Bow Headphones Price: $40.00 at uncommongoods.com
Crochet is not something you would usually associate with modern musical technology. However, the concept here is fun and quirky. Despite looking somewhat vintage and crafty, the headphones underneath the crochet are high tech and very modern. These headphones could almost as ear muffs – so practical for the winter months!


Heartbeats by Lady Gaga in-Ear Headphones

Heartbeats by Lady Gaga in-Ear Headphones Price: $129.00 at vanns.com
These Lady Gaga designed headphones were created to be unlike any other. The geometric metallic ear piece is quite unique in design. These headphones are touted as providing superior sound quality. These headphones also feature a tangle free cable, playback control, and high-grade mic.

From crochet to gold-plating, there’s an abundance of different headphone designs out there. Which of the above do you like most?

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