7 High End Brands That Are Made in China ...


High End Brands we all lust after really have to work hard to minimize the production costs while keeping their products “luxurious” and “high end”. I’m talking about those “Made in France” or “Made in Italy” labels people want to see inside bags they’ve paid hundreds and even thousands of dollars for, labels that are tiny, labels that nobody really sees, labels that read much better than the ones saying “Made in China”, labels that, apparently mean a lot! So, how do they do it? Well, the un-glamorous fact is that most high end brands outsource work, although some of them wouldn’t even dream of actually saying that in public! Luckily, a very small percentage of high end brands has no problem admitting their stuff are made in China and some, like Prada, believe that’s not only the most profitable option but the best in terms of quality as well! So, if you ever wanted to know which high end brands dropped slow but knowledgeable artisans for fast, skilled, easily adaptable factory workers, do keep reading!

1. Prada


Oh my, could it be? Yes, there is a strong possibility that your beloved Prada bag is made in China! Surprising? Not really, especially if you’re a true Prada fan that likes to be informed about everything and anything involving this brand. Miuccia Prada is actually one of very few high end brands owners that was actually looking forward to moving part of the production to China (as well as various other countries) stating that: (and I quote) “Sooner or later, it will happen to everyone because [Chinese manufacturing] is so good.”