7 Go-to Dresses You Need in Your Closet ...


Just like there are certain staple foods you always need in your pantry, there are certain dresses you need in your closet! These dresses you need will become the foundations of your go-to outfits. They're the dresses you grab when you’re rushing out of the house in the morning and don’t have time to worry about how you look. Because you're sure to look fierce and fabulous in any one of these styles!

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Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress One of the most eternally fashionable dresses you need in your closet is the little black dress. You can dress it up, dress it down, and make it your own! No matter how often you wear this dress, it will always look brand new because it’s just that versatile! Whether you’re late to a meeting or to a Christmas party, this is your go-to dress! Since I adore lace, one of my favorites is this black lace dress from ModCloth! modcloth.com


Innocent White Dress

Innocent White Dress Hanging up next to your little black dress, you should have a lovely white dress. Sometimes less is more, and with an innocent white dress, you can prove that to be true! There isn’t much to consider when slipping on a white dress, which makes it a go-to dress every woman needs. ModCloth also makes a stunning white lace dress, that is a must-buy! modcloth.com



TomBoyish A tomboy dress is perfect for any casual occasion. It can be very flattering, but still carefree. This dress won’t distract from the natural beauty of your body, or make you seem like you’re showing off at all. You’ll feel comfortable all day long and look fabulous too! Which is why a tomboyish dress belongs in every closet. If you need to add a tomboy dress to your wardrobe, a great option is this sporty dress from Forever 21. forever21.com



Vintage Every woman should own a vintage dress. You’ll be a vision in vintage clothing, and stand out in a crowd of modern-clad women! That’s why putting on a vintage dress in the morning is a no brainer. This vintage, burgundy dress from ModCloth will guarantee you compliments with every wear! modcloth.com


Flowing and Flirtatious

Flowing and Flirtatious Another great addition to your closet is a flirtatious, flowing dress. This feminine piece will draw attention and admiration from those around you, even though it’s so simple! You can throw it on with some sandals for a casual look, or add a nice necklace to take your ensemble to the next level! Either way, this fit and flare dress from Nordstrom belongs in your wardrobe! shop.nordstrom.com



Maxi If there ever was a dress made for hectic mornings, it was the maxi! It’s no wonder why maxi dresses are such a hot trend right now! These dresses are designed for quickly throwing them on and still looking put together. They’re comfortable and fashionable - every woman’s dream combination! You’ll bring sunshine into every room you enter in this fabulous Anthroplogie maxi dress! anthropologie.com



Peplum A peplum dress is another sophisticated and stylish dress you need in your closet. It can be your go-to dress for date night, a shopping spree, or a business meeting! Like all of these outfits, the peplum style is so versatile that you’ll wonder how you ever functioned without this go-to dress! I’m in love with this fierce peplum dress from Nordstrom! shop.nordstrom.com

It’s easy to stress over creating the perfect outfit before an outing, but with these go-to dresses, you’ll achieve the perfect look in seconds! Which one of these looks do you adore? What other go-to dresses to have you filled your closet with?

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