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One of my favorite things about Easter season is seeing all of the different Easter dresses for girls that the stores are carrying. When I was much younger I loved dressing up for Easter. Not only would I wear a beautiful dress, but I would also wear a matching Easter bonnet. I think there were even several occasions when I wore white lace gloves. Clearly, I was a girl who loved dresses, and if your little girl loves dresses as much as I did she is probably excited to wear one of the adorable Easter dresses for girls. All of these dresses can be found at Belk, and they are all beautiful and perfect for Easter.

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Bonnie Jean Stripe Shantung Dress

Bonnie Jean Stripe Shantung Dress The pastel stripes on this dress by Bonnie Jean are perfect for Easter. They remind me of the colors of Easter eggs! As much as I love the stripes, I think my favorite aspect of this dress is the sage green sash that ties in a bow at the waist. It brings the whole dress together. Of course, the full skirt is perfect for twirling! Can’t you just picture your little girl twirling around in this dress as she searches for Easter eggs? This dress is just one of several Easter dresses for girls that would be fun to twirl in.


Hartstrings Blossom Floral Dress

Hartstrings Blossom Floral Dress Here is another Easter dress that is perfect for twirling around! The Hartstrings Blossom Floral dress is such a lovely dress. The purple and pink flowers are reminiscent of a warm spring day. As beautiful as the floral pattern is, I think the flowers on the shoulders are the best part of this dress. They make this dress very special, which is just what your special darling needs!


Bonnie Jean Plaid Dress

Bonnie Jean Plaid Dress If a dress with flowers is what your little girl wants, she may go head over heels for this fantastic dress. The large bright flowers at the waist are so cheerful, as are the bright colors of this dress. The cheerfulness of this dress makes it one of the best dresses to wear for an Easter celebration. I am sure your little girl will look bright as a daisy in this daisy adorned plaid dress!


Ralph Lauren Floral Sateen Dress

Ralph Lauren Floral Sateen Dress This is a wonderful dress for a little girl who loves stripes and flowers. The bouquets of flowers on this Ralph Lauren dress are a great contrast to the stripped tie at the waist. They also make the dress seem very spring-like. Any little girl would look like the picture of spring in this beautiful blue dress.


Bonnie Jean Lace Dress

Bonnie Jean Lace Dress Because this dress reminds me of a dress I had when I was a little girl, I am absolutely in love with it. Even if I had not had a dress similar to this Bonnie Jean Lace Dress, I would still adore this dress. The white lace against the pale blue is both elegant and darling. I also think the scalloped edges and the large satin bow add to the charm of this dress, which would look lovely when worn on Easter Sunday. Can’t you just imagine this dress paired with a white Easter hat that has a matching blue ribbon?


Bonnie Jean Floral Shantung Bubble Dress

Bonnie Jean Floral Shantung Bubble Dress The Bonnie Jean Floral Shantung Bubble Dress is such a great dress for Easter. The tulip pattern evokes springtime, as does the pale blue color of the dress. The yellow ribbons on the bodice are equally spring-like and very cheery. The bubble skirt is also very cheerful. It has a flouncy fullness that is perfect for an Easter celebration!


Bonnie Jean Flower Bonaz Dress

Bonnie Jean Flower Bonaz Dress Isn’t this a wonderful Easter dress? The peach satin flowers and bow are so beautiful. They remind me of a gorgeous spring garden! As beautiful as the flowers are, I also adore the white tulle overlay, which adds an airy quality to the dress. This is such a picturesque dress. I can’t help but think how charming it would be for Easter.

On Easter Sunday all of the children always look so adorable in their Easter outfits. The little girls look especially darling in their lovely Easter dresses. All of these dresses would be wonderful for Easter. They are so charming! Which of these Easter dresses for little girls is your favorite?

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