7 Adorable Easter Dresses for Girls ...

One of my favorite things about Easter season is seeing all of the different Easter dresses for girls that the stores are carrying. When I was much younger I loved dressing up for Easter. Not only would I wear a beautiful dress, but I would also wear a matching Easter bonnet. I think there were even several occasions when I wore white lace gloves. Clearly, I was a girl who loved dresses, and if your little girl loves dresses as much as I did she is probably excited to wear one of the adorable Easter dresses for girls. All of these dresses can be found at Belk, and they are all beautiful and perfect for Easter.

1. Bonnie Jean Stripe Shantung Dress

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The pastel stripes on this dress by Bonnie Jean are perfect for Easter. They remind me of the colors of Easter eggs! As much as I love the stripes, I think my favorite aspect of this dress is the sage green sash that ties in a bow at the waist. It brings the whole dress together. Of course, the full skirt is perfect for twirling! Can’t you just picture your little girl twirling around in this dress as she searches for Easter eggs? This dress is just one of several Easter dresses for girls that would be fun to twirl in.

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