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It's finally almost time to show off your legs in fabulous dresses. Guest contributor Ann Shirley picks out some must-wear dresses for spring 2014!

It has been a long winter! All of this snow and cold weather has definitely left many women looking forward to the promises of warmer weather in spring, not to mention a new spring wardrobe with a selection of hot new dresses. If you’re among these women then you’ll certainly appreciate this guide to the 7 hottest dresses to wear this spring.

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Two-Piece Dresses

Two-Piece Dresses I first saw the two-piece dress trend on rissyroos.com and I immediately fell in love with this style. This hot dress trend is perfect for both casual and formal dresses. Whether you’re going to the club or dressing for a more formal occasion, a two-piece dress can be the perfect way to show a little bit of skin without revealing too much. This style works particularly well if the bottom of your dress flares out like a tutu. Tribal style tops also work well for creating a unique, cultured look.


Bandage Dresses

Bandage Dresses Bandage dresses are short and tight-fitting, making them perfect for spring. This hot dress trend is ideal for a night out at the club or for a party with friends. Pick a bright color to stand out from the crowd. Pair your bandage dress with a pair of sexy heels for the ultimate spring look. For a more playful look try a bandage dress that has a sequined neckline or only one strap.


Off-Shoulder Dresses

Off-Shoulder Dresses Off-shoulder dresses aren’t limited strictly to the bandage style. This is a hot dress trend that comes in a wide variety of styles. One of my favorite ways to wear this style is for extremely formal ball gowns. This style typically features two straps that are both...you guessed it...off the shoulders. The straps can be dressed up a bit with sequins, glitter, or another material to match the formality of the dress. It’s sexy, yet still classy.


Dresses with Ruffle Skirts

Dresses with Ruffle Skirts Ruffles are back! This hot trend is perfect for spring. It’s fun, flirty, and a bit sexy. The key to pulling this look off is to choose a brightly colored short dress. Multi-colored also works well if you’re feeling a bit bolder. Because the ruffled pattern is so attention-grabbing, keep the jewelry to a minimum and pair with flats.


Lace Dresses

Lace Dresses One of the best things about lace is that this material is a timeless classic that can be worn year round. In the winter, some people like to wear lace in dark colors such as black or navy. However, in the spring you have even more options such as pastel colors. If you plan on wearing a lace dress opt for a solid color. Lace tends to work great with longer length dresses. You can also opt for a dress that is short with a sheer, laced back.



Sequins Sequins are another timeless classic for dresses, especially in the spring. If you remember your high school prom, you’ll no doubt be able to recall seeing at least a handful of sequined prom dresses. While your prom days may be over, it doesn’t mean you can’t continue to wear sequins. A shorter sequined dress is perfect for a trip to the casino or a night in the club.


Aquatic Colors

Aquatic Colors When you were a kid, you've probably dreamed of being a mermaid like Ariel. Unfortunately, in your adulthood you realized that was an impossibility. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t at least dress like a mermaid. Aquatic colors such as aquamarine, coral, teal, and marine green are in this spring. Choose a dress with sequins if you really want to feel like a true mermaid princess.

Which dress trends are you looking forward to trying this spring? Do you have any formal spring occasions to dress up for? Or are you still looking for the perfect excuse to buy a new dress?

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