5 Gothic 🖤 Fashion Trends 💄👗 Making a Mainstream 😎 Comeback ...

Gothic fashion trends have seen their ins and outs in the past decades. Some find goths as disassociative loners, dressing in black as a way to reflect their dark personalities. Goth fashion has always seemed edgy and different, which is why it has never really been totally mainstream. The closest it has ever gotten, besides underground goth metal scenes, was with the grungy 90’s style of fashion. Good news for you lovers of the look, gothic fashion trends are making a comeback and here are the top five.

1. Choker

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Chokers are in nearly every department store around. It was a trend in the 90’s to sport the tight necklaces in combination with grungy, goth attire, for that splash of edge. Although it was not an invented in the 90’s style, it made its greatest effect at this time. Whether its comeback is attributed to Kendall Jenner or Bella Hadid, chokers were snagged by stores everywhere and now everyone is wearing one, making it more mainstream to do so. Some argue that the choker trend is going to die again soon, but it never really died to begin with. A choker is your best bet when it comes to trying out gothic fashion trends.

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