How Often Should You Wash These Clothing Items?

Mums might not like to admit it, but sometimes, doing laundry can be really hard! With so many different fabrics and types of garments in all of our closets these days, it isn’t just a case of one rule to suit everything anymore like it might have used to. If you want to keep all of your garments in the best condition possible, you need to follow individual guidelines for different things. Here is how to keep specific items clean, in terms of how often you should wash them!

1. Jeans

Jeans have long been a washing conundrum, with some old wives tales telling you that you never have to wash them at all! Sure, there is no question that overwashing a pair of jeans can remove colour and affect the shape, but if you are wearing them all the time, of course, you have to clean them at some point! If you want to be completely sure that you are keeping them in good condition, it is said that a wash after five or six wears is ideal for denim.