Sweater Care Secrets to Keep Your Clothes Looking New ...


Sweater Care Secrets to Keep Your Clothes Looking New ...
Sweater Care Secrets to Keep Your Clothes Looking New ...

Sweater season is upon us ☃. It’s a fun and exciting time of the year. Most of us start the year off with a few new sweaters and high hopes to keep them looking new. But it’s not easy to keep sweaters in new condition since wear and tear tends to show easily. These’re the 7 secrets you need to keep your sweaters looking new the whole season through. 😊

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Shop for Quality

The quality of a sweater makes a difference in how long it’s going to last and how well it’s going to wear. While many high quality sweaters do cost more, that’s not always the case. Examine sweaters before you purchase them for fabric content, care instructions and how well it’s stitched. While open stitch sweaters are fashionable right now, looser weaves are not usually going to last as long. You’ll probably find that you can trust certain brands more than others when it comes to quality.


Fold, Don’t Hang

Are you in the habit of hanging your sweaters? I’ve been guilty of this too but it’s very bad for them. It stretches them out, particularly in the shoulders and hemline. To give your sweaters the longest life, fold them and place them in a drawer or on a shelf instead. Another tip to follow is to avoid overcrowding your drawers.


Wash on the Gentle Cycle or Hand Wash

Most sweaters require special care. Washing them on the gentle cycle or hand washing is usually the best method of cleaning them. I almost always wash mine on the gentle cycle with other delicate items and they turn out wonderfully. Using a detergent meant for delicate fabrics such as Woolite can be helpful, too. You can also extend the life of your sweaters by only washing them every other wearing.


Avoid the Dryer

Some sweaters say they’re dryer safe but I’ve found that the dryer is hard on all sweaters. It can also shrink them, which no one wants. It’s best to let your sweaters dry flat. Hanging them wet can cause a lot of stretching, even to the point of ruining them. It takes longer to air dry them but it saves them so much wear and tear.


Don’t Play with the Cuffs

Some sweaters stretch out easily. Playing with the cuffs of your sleeve or pulling them down over your hands will stretch sweaters out. If you’re looking for something to keep your wrist and hands warm then shop for some long sleeve thermal shirts with thumb holes. These are clothing items designed to cover your wrist and part of your hand. They’re cute and stylish, too.


Don’t Let Pills Become a Problem

Almost all sweaters fall victim to pills after some time has passed. Don’t stress when you notice they’re appearing. They can easily be shaved off. Use a disposable razor and gently shave the length of your sweater, cutting pills away. Use caution not to cut your sweater!


Pack Them Away with Care

In order to make sure your sweaters look just as beautiful next season you need to pack them away carefully. The best way to do this is to store them in breathable containers. Tuck in some cedar chips or a lavender sachet to keep moths away and keep them smelling lovely. You’ll be amazed how wonderful they look when you pull them out next time. It’s the best storage method by far.

These’re 7 secrets to keep your sweaters looking new all season long. Where’s your favorite sweater from? I’d love to hear from you!

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Great article, helped me out a lot !❤️💯

Bar 3 is where my fave is from!

Cashmere. I bought mines from bloomies can't remember the brand oh my

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