Fashionista Approved Tips for How to Store Clothes between Seasons ...


Fashionista Approved Tips for How to Store Clothes between Seasons ...
Fashionista Approved Tips for How to Store Clothes between Seasons ...

It's super important to know how to store clothes between seasons. If you are a fashion forward and style conscious girl, then it’s pretty safe to assume that you have more clothing than you know what to do with! Having a plethora of clothing options is never a bad thing, but when it is the summer and you are having to trawl through layers of winter options, then things can start to get a little messy! If you want to be more organised in the way that you arrange your clothing, then you really need to start thinking about storing seasonal garments away until the time is right to reintroduce them. If this sounds like an appealing idea for you, then here is how to store clothes between seasons.

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Only Store Clean

You should only be picking out clothes to store that are clean. To ensure that they stay in the best possible condition whilst hidden away, they need to be stain free and freshly washed. A simple stain now might become impossible to remove in three months time, so make the effort to wash everything that you are planning on storing away. Cleaning everything is your first step in how to store clothes between seasons.


Don’t Vacuum Pack

Vacuum packing is a popular way to store clothing and fabrics in small spaces, but when it comes to your precious seasonal pieces, it can sometimes do more damage than good. Clothes need air around them in order for them to maintain their shape, and vacuum packing can compress the fibres so much that depending on how long they are stored for, your garments can become almost unrecognisable. We recommend using simple plastic boxes instead!


Pack Correctly

You need to make sure that you fold your clothing properly, because if it is going to be sitting there for a long time, then it will adopt all of the crease lines that you fold into it. Also, try to layer your items based on their weight, from heaviest at the bottom to lightest at the top. To protect from potential dampness, throw a couple of silica gel packets in each box and you are ready to go!



Don’t forget about seasonal footwear, because shoes can really clog up a hallway or closet! Always clean them before storing them, and make sure that they are completely dry before you start to do anything like stacking them in a box. You can also stuff and wrap the shoes with acid-free paper to make sure that they maintain their shape in tight conditions.


Dark and Dry

The two ideal conditions you need to be looking for in terms of a storage place are dark and dry. The perfect environment for storing clothes is apparently 25 degrees in 55% humidity, but if you can’t be so specific, then a clean, dark and cool cupboard will probably be fine!



Don’t put your seasonal garments away and then forget about them for half of the year. It’s always good to check in on the storage boxes from time to time to make sure that no unforeseen accidents have happened. The last thing you want is to reach for your summer clothes in early June and discover that they have all been ruined!

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