How to Be Cozy but Still Chic ...

By Carly

How to Be Cozy  but Still Chic ...

With autumn in full flow and winter just around the corner, the word of the day for most people when it comes to fashion is definitely cosy! As the weather gets colder, we start to turn to more layered and padded looks, looks that incorporate clothing that is going to make us feel warm and toasty and in the mood for imminent festive fun! Of course, just because you want to feel comfortable at this time of the year, it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice any of your style! Here is how to be cosy but still chic!

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1 Fleece Lined Leggings

clothing, outerwear, shoe, leggings, jeans, Leggings are staple garment in any season, but a way to keep on the basic trend whilst amping up your comfort level is to go for a wonderful fleece lined pair. They are super cosy and super versatile and evoke that “I’m look great without really trying” vibe that autumnal fashion is really all about.

2 Blanket Scarves

clothing, scarf, jeans, outerwear, denim, When it comes to your scarf, this year you need to go big or go home! Don’t be scared of those big oversized scarves that you see people wearing. Not only are they incredibly warming and comfortable but they also are big enough to versatile and styled in lots of different ways.

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3 Robe Coats

clothing, coat, suit, formal wear, blazer, Thank god for the person who decided to make wearing robe coats outdoors socially acceptable! They are about as comfortable as clothes get and they are easy to throw over any type of outfit. The wide array of colours in which they are available make them easy to incorporate in to any individual style.

4 Chic Snow Boots

footwear, white, sneakers, shoe, outdoor shoe, You don’t have to think skiing vacation in the Alps when someone says snow boots. There are plenty of brands out there now who design shoes that can withstand the unpredictable and wet conditions of the season whilst also looking great. You don’t want to risk going out in your Uggs and ruining them!

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5 Snuggly Socks

leg, finger, shoe, The rising trend in ankle grazing jeans and trousers has also seen a rise in the popularity of funky and cosy socks, just in time for the chill of autumn and winter! Take advantage of the trend by investing in lots of pairs of pretty but thick foot warmers. They will keep you feeling toasty whilst at the same time keep you looking bang on trend!

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