How to Master the Smart Casual Dress Code ...

Smart casual is a phrase that a lot of people dread seeing on an invitation or email because it is so open to interpretation! If things are formal, then you know exactly what to do, and if there is no dress code at all, then you don’t have to worry, but there is just something about smart casual that tends to catch a lot of people out! You don’t want to go too smart and you don’t want to go too casual, so it’s easy to get stuck at the picking stage! Here is how to master the smart casual dress code.

1. Shirts

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The shirt is the thing that can really make or break a smart casual look. You want to be going for a nice button down or a blouse rather than anything that comes close to resembling a t-shirt, that would be verging too much towards casual. Lighter colours are always better as well, with things like whites and pastel blues giving off a more sophisticated air.

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