How to Feel Sexy without Showing Any Skin at All ...


Girls, this is a secret too few women realize. You don’t have to show skin to feel sexy. In fact, sometimes you’re most sexy when you leave something for the imagination to fill in. These are 7 tricks you can use to feel sexy every day.

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Wear Pretty Panties and Bras

Wear Pretty Panties and Bras So what if no one sees them? You know what’s underneath. Knowing that you’re wearing pretty panties and bras makes you feel sexy even if you’re just wearing pajamas. They can be whatever style, color or brand you wish; everyone has their own unique taste. If it makes you feel sexy then they’re the ones for you.


Exercise to Tone up

Exercise to Tone up When your body’s in shape, you feel better about yourself. It gives you confidence and that in and of itself makes you feel sexier. Toning up will make your clothing look better on your body. How clothes look on you makes a difference in how you feel about yourself. Being in shape makes you feel sexy both in and out of the gym.


Wear the Correct Size of Clothing

Wear the Correct Size of Clothing You aren’t going to feel sexy if your clothes are too big or too small for you. It isn’t about being a certain size. It’s about wearing clothing that fits you well and looks good on you. You’ll feel self-conscious if your clothes are too small and like you’re swimming in them if they’re too big. You’re worth the investment in clothes that fit you correctly and make you feel good about yourself.


Focus on Your Hair and Makeup

Focus on Your Hair and Makeup Your hair and makeup can have a big impact on making you feel sexy. Who can resist a red lip or long beautiful eyelashes? Try mixing up how you apply your makeup to keep it fresh and discover what makes you feel sexiest. Styling your hair differently can help, too. Add in some loose curls or go for a super sleek look. Going for something different can boost your confidence in feeling sexy.


Wear Lace Clothing

Wear Lace Clothing I love to wear lace and often tend to buy clothing pieces with lace incorporated into them. Lace is very feminine and very, very sexy. Think about what many pieces of lingerie are made of. Lace! Wearing that embellishment on your exterior clothing gives you a bit of that same sexy feel.


Don’t Underestimate the Power of High Heels

Don’t Underestimate the Power of High Heels You can have a long skirt on and if you add a pair of high heels, you’ve just pumped the sexiness factor way up. High heels are a very sexy shoe choice, some more than others. Sandals can also be sexy. There are no rules as to what makes them this way; it’s completely about what seems sexy to you. If it makes you feel good when you try it on then it’s the shoe for you!


Wear Whatever Makes You Feel Sexy

Wear Whatever Makes You Feel Sexy Different clothing choices can make you feel sexy and that can vary a lot from woman to woman. Just as every woman is unique, so is her taste in clothing and how various clothing choices make her feel. For one woman, jeans and a white t-shirt could be her go-to outfit. For another, it may be a sundress and wedge heels. It’s all about what feels sexiest to you.

These are some ways you can feel sexy without showing any skin at all. What works for you? Any little tricks you can share?

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@Read13 not everyone feels the need to show 'some' skin irrespective of their age.

Showing some skin won't hurt, while you're still young. When getting old and gray will not be good to show skin.

I totally agree, thanks

Do not underestimated by getting old and gray... Some women's even more attractive when they're older and grays.. Inner beauty more important than showing showing perfect skin but ugly inside..😄😍

Why are all of them already fit or thin? Maybe posting other types of girls would be good.

The shirt in 7 says 'milk'. Interested

I enjoyed reading this article and agree you on these points. 😊

I actually really like seeing the young girls, as it fits them better.

I want to see girls with all the body types

There are definitely some older gray haired woman out there who look way better showing skin than some of the young cats... So don't underestimate the old and gray @read13

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