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How you look and dress at the beach is a big part of the experience. Magazines are covered with headlines on how to accomplish looking your best for the beach. There are tips on what to wear and how to trim down. Here’s the truth; you don’t have to be a supermodel to look sexy. These are 7 tips to help you look beautiful and feel confident at the beach.

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Choose a Flattering Bathing Suit to Wear

Step number one is to choose a flattering bathing suit to wear to the beach. There are many guides on what type of suit is best for your shape. Those are very helpful at giving you direction in your shopping. Also, choose a color that looks good on you and makes you feel good about yourself. If you feel sexy in your suit, you’ll look it, too.


Get Your Glow on by Getting a Spray Tan or Using a Self-tanner

I’ve a very pale girl and totally okay with my porcelain skin most of the time. But even I like a little glow when I’m going to the beach. I usually spend a few days building a tan with self-tanner to accomplish that. You can also choose a spray tan. Both of those options are safer than using a tanning bed.


Deal with Razor Burn That Commonly Crops up along Your Bikini Line

Ugh, razor burn! Don’t you hate it? I’ve had my fair share and don’t want it again! It’s unattractive and it feels awful, too. Use preventative tips like always using a shaving gel and shaving in one direction. If you’re already dealing with a case of razor burn, try treating it with Tend Skin Care Solution; it made my razor burn a thing of the past.


Sport a Belly Ring

This tip isn’t for everyone but if it feels right for you then you might consider it. I’m not a belly button ring kind of girl but I do think they look very sexy. It doesn’t have to be real, either. A fake one will work nicely and keep your mom from a full-on freak out. It’s a lovely little jewel to add to your midsection if you’re showing it off.


Find the Perfect Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must for your beach days. Not only do they look sexy but they offer your eyes important protection from the sun, if you choose a pair that blocks UV rays. If you haven’t got a pair you love by the time you get to the beach, there’s no better place to shop for them. Most souvenir shops sell sunglasses. You may also find an outlet stocked with your favorite brand since outlet malls are often close to vacation destinations.


Decorate Your Feet with Jewelry

You can still wear jewelry at the beach. Of course you don’t want to wear anything that’s so delicate sand or water might damage it. But there’s lots of pretty costume jewelry you can wear to the beach. It’s the perfect time to wear anklets and toe rings. Those are jewelry pieces that can really only be worn in the summer so make the most of it.


Have Your Nails Done

A manicure is beautiful for any occasion, especially the beach. The same goes for pedicures. If your budget doesn’t allow for a trip to the nail salon, that’s okay. You can do a fancy manicure or pedicure at home. There are lots of tutorials you can learn from to have the manicure or pedicure you’ve dreamed of.

These are 7 things you can do to look sexy at the beach. What are your tips? How do you up your sexy factor?

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