How to Style the Basic Tee ...


How to Style the Basic Tee ...
How to Style the Basic Tee ...

A basic tee is essential to every woman’s closet. It’s a staple that holds the cutest of outfits together if paired correctly. Basic tees go in varied ways from low-key hang-outs to high-end events. If styled professionally, the basic tee can give an impeccable look that will award you a few glances. Basic tees are the most comfortable of outfits and you don’t have to deal with zippers or buttons.

The basic tee is a somewhat underrated fashion piece that many find boring or sloppy. Every modern woman has at least three basic tees in her closet. However, they are either used in less fashionable ways such as going to the gym, to sleep or simply running errands around town.

Figuring how to style a basic tee is relatively easy in today’s society. Celebrities and street style influencers are a great source of inspiration when it comes to tips of styling this closet icon. Below are some simple hacks to take the tee from basic to sophisticated:

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A basic tee with a pair of jeans is a classic combo for an everyday look. These pieces are casual and cool and can be worn for several occasions. Loro Piana short-sleeved tees are the best as they are high quality and goes well with high-waist jeans to give a silhouette look. The jeans could be skinny, wide-legged or flared but most importantly the right size. For the hippies, the tee can be worn with distressed, embroidered or detailed jeans.



A basic tee can be great for formal occasions like a weekend business trip or a Friday in the office when paired with a blazer. The look can easily be professionalized by wearing the tee with a blazer of a neutral color such as white, black or navy blue. The tee’s neckline shouldn’t be too low and tucked into fitted jeans for a formal look.



Sometimes a basic tee needs some layering up to spice the look. A waterfall sweater or cover-up can work wonders to add flair to the tee. Layering the tee with a cropped leather jacket is a great look for a night out or a good pub crawl. If you are entertaining guests in your home, match an oversized knitted cardigan with a tee for a more laid back look.



A cropped tee can be worn with a mini or full skirt to a garden wedding or just a simple coffee date with your friend. The cropped tee gives a casual and playful tone to your look and can be quite youthful. For flamboyant events, you can pair a cropped shirt with a pencil skirt, pumps and an elegant neckpiece to give that statement look.



There is nothing as versatile as an oversized tee. They are more eye-catching and trendy as compared to regular tees. Leggings can be layered with an oversized tee, tucked one side at the waist and worn with your favorite pair of ankle boots or chunky blocks. An oversized tee with large graphics can be tucked into a skater skirt to give a chic look.



A piece of dazzling jewelry can make all the difference to a look. A basic tee can at times appear plain and boring, however, it just takes a neckpiece to take a basic tee wearable to events and dates with friends. A point to note when choosing the jewelry is the neckline of the tee. If it’s a V-neck, adorn long chunky pendant necklaces. For the round-necked tee, a simple shorter pendant is more ideal.

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