7 Elegant Ways to Wear Daring and Eccentric Clothes Care Free ...


Clothes are meant to be different, it would be pretty boring if we all walked around in the same thing, but sometimes we become a little fashion shy when it comes to trying new and daring styles. That's why guest blogger Eli-Ya from the fashion blog VanVeris here today to share** 7 Elegant Ways to Wear Daring and Eccentric Clothes Care Free...**

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Half Corsets, Crop-tops and Bras...

Always be mindful of wearing items which are too revealing. Limit the amount of midriff you expose by matching a laced half-corset or linen cloque bra with a pair of high-waist pants or skirt. This will give your look a more modern-day chic meets vintage feel.


Chiffon, Organza and Sheer Fabrics...

Wearing sheer clothing is an adventurous and bold move, but letting it all hang out is simply tasteless and vulgar. Sheer fabrics preferably worn in the form of a shirt or top, matched with an interesting underlay or body suit underneath, is bound to still make a bold fashion statement that’s classy and tasteful.


Socks with High-heels...

Long or short, patterned socks with strappy-heeled shoes or wedges, are best worn with a mini dress or pair of shorts, and add that unexpected oddness needed to jazz up a seemingly banal outfit.


Block Colours, Bright Neons and Floral Prints...

The usage of eye-popping, eccentric colours, always gives a more lively, fun twist to your look but too much of a colour that is already dominant to the eye, may be a little too offbeat and outlandish. Blending soft pastel colours to your look, creates a balance and still keeps your outfit interesting.


Mixing Formal with Casual...

This makes any outfit look quirky. A floral, detailed shirt along with a simple pair of denim jeans contrasts two opposing dress codes. This radiates an urban-chic yet edgy feel to your sense of dress.


Chunky Jewellery...

Big and bold jewellery should always be worn with plain, minimalistic styled clothing, however, avoid over-accessorising – always bare in mind that “less is more.”


Leather Pants...

Striking and edgy as they may be, leather pants are best worn casually, with a simple band t-shirt, or a light chiffon shirt for a more formal look.

Be free in your sense of dress by mismatching. Find your fashion voice, by clashing the ordinary with the extraordinary, wear what ‘you dare not’ wear, with your everyday wear.

About the Author:
I'm a South African, currently living in Tel Aviv. I'm a student, yoga teacher, and fashion blogger. I love writing, photography, fashion, travelling and above all adventures. A link to my blog: VanVer

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