How to Style This Summer's Hottest Item Lace Shorts ...


Lace is very on trend and lace shorts are this summer’s hottest item. I just bought a pair and I’m so excited to wear them. I’ve looked at many different ways they can be styled and these are some observations. I hope these tips on how to style lace shorts are both helpful and fun.

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Let Your Shorts Take Center Stage by Keeping Everything else Understated

Let Your Shorts Take Center Stage by Keeping Everything else Understated Lace shorts command center stage in your outfit. They’re attention getting. Because of that, you don’t want to go flashy in other things you’re wearing. That can cause clothing competition or look too busy. For example, you don’t want to add a lace top to lace shorts unless they share the same lace pattern because that’s going to make those two pieces of clothing compete.


Choose a Solid Color Top with Very Little Detailing

Choose a Solid Color Top with Very Little Detailing Lace shorts look best with a solid top. It’s also a good idea to stay away from shirts with details such as elaborate beading or flashy designs. That can pull away from the lace shorts. I love the look of a bright top paired with black or white lace shorts, the colors that most lace shorts are. I plan to wear the white lace shorts I purchased with fuchsia or a bright blue.


Choose a Color That Flatters You

Choose a Color That Flatters You While lace shorts are most often black or white, there are other color options. I’ve seen them in beige, coral, aqua, pink and more. Think about what colors are most flattering to you. You also may want to choose a versatile color, which is probably what makes the black and white so popular. And while white is beautiful, it can difficult to keep clean.


Change up the Shoes You Wear with Them

Change up the Shoes You Wear with Them You aren’t confined to one type of shoe when you wear lace shorts. Sandals, flats and wedges all look lovely with them. You could even get by with heels if you pair a dressier top with the outfit. Each shoe option gives you a different look. Lace shorts are very versatile as far as shoe pairings go.


You Can Dress Them up or Dress Them down

You Can Dress Them up or Dress Them down Lace shorts can be dressed up or down and are perfect for many occasions. You can wear them out while you’re doing Saturday morning errands or they’re perfect for date night. They’ll work well for either purpose plus many more. You can add a baseball t-shirt and gladiator sandals for a casual trip into town or add a chiffon top and wedges for a sexy but not over the top date night look. I’ve seen a good friend of mine wear lace shorts on vacation, grocery shopping and to visit family.


Stick to Simple Accessories

Stick to Simple Accessories You have some leeway here. You can certainly go for bold accessories without a clash, but I still think lace shorts pair better with simple accessories. Try a delicate necklace or a cuff bracelet and a pair of studs. If you feel unsure, try them on and look in the mirror. You’ll probably get a quick sense of what looks best on you.


Go for a Full on Girly Look

Go for a Full on Girly Look Lace is very feminine, however you wear it. This holds true when you wear lace shorts. It can be fun to go for a full on girly look and choose a top and accessories that are very feminine. I’d love to find a solid blush top to pair with mine and maybe add some pearls. But that’s just one of many options you could choose to have a classic, feminine look going.

These are some tips to help you style this season’s hottest item. How do you style your lace shorts? I’d love to hear your tips!

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I love these shorts! I almost bought a pair, but they're really short and I got "junk in the trunk!"

Well I'm out of it- just saw the next article is how to make things out of a vintage doily. Interesting fashion choices young ones. I wish you well.

Hahahaa. 5 is the "best". But number 4 looks like a trap or a street worker. I'm not even trying to be mean: these shorts are so curiously hard to dress without looking some kind of way.

Tramp (autocorrect, my b)

Nope- just looks like you've made shorts outta your grandmother's curtains. Or doilies.

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