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Look on Fleek with These Boho Chic Outfits for Summer ...

By Taylor

Summer is less than a month away and trends for the season are coming into play. One of the most popular looks for the warmer weather is the "Boho Chic" style that a lot of people cannot get enough of. Take a look at these OOTDs to get some inspiration for styling your summer season.

1 Sheer Tank

clothing,sleeve,outerwear,fashion,undergarment,Lots of detailed rings and layered lace is a GREAT way to rock the "Boho-Chic" look.
Source: Rugged Romance

2 Sexy Modern Gypsy

clothing,wedding dress,gown,dress,bridal clothing,Everything about this skirt is to die for.
Source: Solitude


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3 Faux Leather

footwear,clothing,leather,bag,handbag,Black faux leather is the perfect finish to any OOTD.
Source: Zoe Leather Look Leggings

4 Aztec Shorts

hair,clothing,footwear,pink,lady,Source: Summer trends 2014 - Myfriendshop

5 Vintage Prairie Wrap

clothing,footwear,denim,fashion,winter,Over-sized cardigans are ideal for chilly summer nights/days.
Source: Women’s Clothing | Fashion Careers

6 Boho Chic Fringe

clothing,yellow,fashion,outerwear,textile,Source: My Tenida for MBFW Madrid

7 Oversized Sweater

clothing,brown,footwear,outerwear,fashion,This outfit. Enough said. LOVE the thigh-high socks.
Source: Valley Fly - Women's Boho

8 Neutral Colors

clothing,dress,footwear,fashion,spring,Neutral colors are a must for the warmer temps.
Source: Desert Rose Playsuit - Sand

9 Boho-chic Patterns

clothing,fashion accessory,pattern,arm,fashion,Source: Keeping It Boho in a


clothing,outerwear,sleeve,sweater,art,Source: Popular | Pop Miss

11 Don't Worry, Be Happy

clothing,sleeve,pattern,design,art,These sunglasses are adorable.
Source: Be happy. by carocuixiao on

12 Sexy Boho Chic Cover

clothing,fashion accessory,sleeve,dress,spring,Source: FP Me Blog Love xx

13 Maxi Skirt & Crop Top

clothing,pattern,sleeve,dress,design,I am obsessed with this outfit.
Source: concert day by claripadula on

14 Cute & Casual

clothing,blue,footwear,denim,spring,Keep is casual with a pair of blue jeans.
Source: Her Lovely Style


clothing,sleeve,denim,pattern,outerwear,Source: Boho Chic: Summer by candaceskaggs

16 Washed out Denim

clothing,sleeve,outerwear,product,leather,Source: Charcoal and Tussocks by vv0lf

17 It's All in the Details

clothing,fashion,spring,pattern,fashion accessory,Statement accessories are a MUST.
Source: fall is here | mytenida

18 Black is Back

black,clothing,little black dress,footwear,product,Perfect for a night out on the town.
Source: boho chic by taraawray on

19 Floral Chiffon

color,clothing,dress,red,pink,Nothing says "summer" like this floral kimono.
Source: Spring Trends to Look Forward

20 Simple is Key

clothing,footwear,dress,beauty,fashion,Source: Summer Style Staple: The Floral

21 Shades of Brown

clothing,brown,bag,handbag,dress,Source: Boho chic by fiallosjdblog on

22 Boho Style Romper

white,clothing,dress,fashion,leg,Rompers are so cute!
Source: Life, Love and the Pursuit

23 Hippie Child

clothing,art,dress,fashion accessory,pattern,LOVE.
Source: CLOTHES | Shop Trendy Unique

24 Aviator Sunglasses + Denim Shorts

clothing,product,dress,fashion accessory,pattern,Source: Amarillo by Morning by qtpiekelso

25 Bermeja Dress + Roman Sandals

clothing,dress,fashion,spring,photo shoot,I have to have these shoes!
Source: Top 10 Ways to Wear

26 Street Syle Hippie

clothing,jacket,outerwear,leather,blazer,Source: one of my fav

28 Fringe Boots

clothing,dress,outerwear,pattern,hairstyle,Source: How to do the Boho

29 Joggers + White Tank

clothing,product,footwear,pattern,spring,Source: Mutefashion | Just another WordPress

30 High-low Sweater + Maxi Dress

clothing,dress,sleeve,outerwear,formal wear,Layer a sweater or cardigan over any maxi dress/skirt.
Source: Cafe Date by vv0lf on

31 Browns & Blacks

clothing,brown,sleeve,bag,product,Source: Dress: black v neck flowy

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