Here Are All the Fringe Style Ideas You Need This Summer and Always ...


Boho is back in style, which means that you can rock all the fringe you want these days. It's a little different than the biker chic fringe of the 1980s, and it's easy to pull off in a variety of ways. Whether you go with fringe on your outfit or your accessories, you are going to love all the compliments you get. Need some help figuring it all out? Here are some fun and easy ways to do it just right. Get ready to turn some heads!

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Wear Fringed Boots with a Summer Dress and Wrap

clothing,dress,outerwear,pattern,hairstyle, Source: How to do the Boho


Want Something Understated? How about a Fringe Purse?

footwear,clothing,fashion,leg,spring, Source: Daily Chic | Daily Chic


Go for LightWeight Fringe Sleeves for Cool Summer Mornings

clothing,green,footwear,fashion,outerwear, Source: Don’t Love Your Arms


A Fringe Scarf is an All Season Must-have

clothing,footwear,fashion accessory,horse tack,leather, Source: Tassel Scarf by cynthia335 on


A Fringed Leather Jacket is Perfect for Summer Nights

Guns N' Roses,hair,clothing,hairstyle,supermodel, Source: Channel Your Inner Rocker With


These Boots Would Be Great when You Transition to Summer Tops Too

clothing,winter,footwear,fashion,denim, Source: Grey High And Low Structured


A Crochet Multicolor Poncho with Fringe is a Beautiful Choice

hair,pink,clothing,girl,photography, Source: Outstanding Crochet: Crochet multicolor poncho


A Warm Weather Wrap in a Fun Color with a Fringe Border is Perfect

color,blue,clothing,fashion accessory,dress, Source: 2015 Fashion Trends - How


Wear a Long Fringed Skirt to Work

clothing,fashion,spring,dress,fashion show, Source: Trending Now... Easily Suede


Or Wear a Fantastic Fringed Skirt for a Night on the Town

hair,clothing,dress,hairstyle,footwear, Source: 5 Ways To Wear Fringe


Make Your Own '80s Style Fringe Shirt with Beads

clothing,shorts,textile, Source: life like this


A Short Skirt with Long Fringe is a Trendy Piece

clothing,hairstyle,fashion,dress,costume, Source: Coachella Fashion & Festival Fit-Spiration!


Keep Things Subtle with Fringed Sleeves on a Rock and Roll Shirt

t shirt,clothing,sleeve,hairstyle,neck, Source: Trash To Couture: DIY. Fringe


Lace and Fringe on the Hem Are Sophisticated

clothing,winter,fashion,season,spring, Source: seeking-s


Gray, Pink and Polka Fringe

clothing,pink,fashion accessory,pattern,design, Source: New - Gift - Light


You Can Never Go Wrong with Fringe on Your Outerwear

clothing,human positions,footwear,sitting,hat, Source: How to Chic: STEAL HER


How to Wear a Cowboy Fringe Leather Jacket

clothing,black,lady,footwear,fashion, Source: Vanessa Jackman: Ruby


A DIY Tank with Fringe is Super Cute

pink,clothing,dress,human body,pattern, Source: sew jayne: DIY braided tank


Fringe and Turquoise is Great for Giving Your Summer Look Some Edge and Personality

clothing,spring,season,fashion,outerwear, Source: 40 Fashion Statements and Styles


Wear a Fringed Swingy Dress to a Party

fashion,runway,fashion show,season,hairstyle, Source:


A Fringed Suede Jacket Will round out Any Girl's Closet

clothing,brown,leather,jacket,sleeve, Source:

Are you suddenly wishing you had a fringed jacket or skirt? Which piece are you coveting the most?

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I love it all, I have those boots and they are so cute with a lot of

I just don't like any of the fringe stuff not for me

1-2-& 20 all the way

I don't think fringes will look good in summer

@eliza, wud you know where could I find a sweater similar to the first picture??? Loving #'s 1, 8, 15, 19... where to find these in Canada?

I like fringe..I have an old coach purse with fringe that I could never bare to get rid I can use it again

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