7 Ideas on Extending the Life of Your Wardrobe ...


For most fashion-lovers, extending the life of your wardrobe and creating versatility as well as functionality is simply a must. The money you spend on clothes shouldn't be wasted on frivolous buys or improper care of you garments, but rather put to good use! Here are some ideas on extending the life of your wardrobe that I hope you find useful and above all, fun! After all, who doesn't love talking about fashion?

1. Purge, Purge, Purge

Take an afternoon where you have some free time and go through your wardrobe from top to bottom. The first stage should be to purge/donate anything and everything that you know just won't work with your body and sense of style. For more expensive items, you can choose to sell them or give them away. The next step is to try on any garments that you just can't let go of yet. If you can make it work and it's flattering, then keep it! Remember that if something isn't flattering on you, you probably won't ever wear it again no matter how cute it looks hanging up. This is one of the best ways of extending the life of your wardrobe because you'll own pieces of clothing that you actually love and you will be excited to get dressed in the morning!

Organize Your Closet
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