7 Ways to Determine Your Authentic Style ...


7 Ways to Determine Your Authentic Style ...
7 Ways to Determine Your Authentic Style ...

With so many fashion trends going at once it can be hard to determine your authentic style. Are you bohemian one day and a rocker the next? If you have fashion ADD like me, it may be just like that. While there is no reason to pick just one style, it might be nice to create a signature look of your own. Here are seven ways to determine your authentic style.

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Pick a Fashionista You Love

One of the best ways to determine your authentic style is to pick someone that you admire for their fashion sense. Maybe it’s a celebrity or a designer. If you find yourself constantly looking to them for fashion ideas then you’re probably a lot closer to realizing your authentic style than you realize.


Pick an Era

Maybe you’re always gravitated towards the bell-bottom jeans and flower child fringe of the 60s and 70s. Maybe you prefer clean lines and fit and flare dresses of the 50s. One way to really clue into your inner style compass is to look at different eras and how they speak to you.


Know Your Body Shape

One way to figure out your style is to first know your body shape. If you’re a pear, you’re going to want to play up your tiny waist and downplay your hips. If you’re an apple, you’re going to want to play up your legs and downplay your tummy. Or, if you’re tall and lean, you’re going to probably want to play up, well everything. Once you know your shape, it’ll make choosing clothes a lot easier when you know what looks good on you.


Wear Yourself

If you’re the beachy type who loves sand in between her toes and highlights in her hair, then wearing a tight black pencil skirt with a blouse is probably not going to be your thing. Finding your authentic style is about finding out who you are. Think about what activities you do. Are you an actress auditioning a lot? Maybe trendy, modern looks are better suited to you. Are you making soap in Portland in a cute little shop? Maybe something more low key and practical is more your speed. Don’t try to wear something that isn’t you. You’ll feel uncomfortable and everyone else will too.


Come Back around

What pieces do you always come back around to? Do you still have your favorite white cashmere cardigan from a million years ago that you can’t seem to ever let go of? If it’s cashmere, I see why. Do you have pieces that you always keep buying over and over again? Without getting into a fashion rut, it’s important to look at what you tend to gravitate towards. It can be very telling to who you are.


Try Something New

With that said, try something on that you’d never ever pick out. It’s so fun when something you’d never try looks awesome on you. It opens you to trying new things in fashion and beyond! Don’t be scared. Try that bold printed jean. You never know what may happen?


Be You

It’s always fun to try new trends, and dressing to your mood every day is a part of being a person. But, always remember to be you and not completely copy someone else, like your best friend. Dare to be different. Dare to be you.

Finding your authentic style can take time. But, once you start honing in on it you’ll feel better in your skin because you know you look good. Remember, it’s on the inside that counts, but, having something pretty on the outside isn’t so bad either. What’s your authentic fashion style? Leave us a comment on how you found out!

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