Important Info on Jean Sizing for Girls Who Can Never Get Their Size Right ...


Important Info on Jean Sizing for Girls Who Can Never Get Their Size Right  ...
Important Info on Jean Sizing for Girls Who Can Never Get Their Size Right  ...

Why am I a size 4 in some jeans, and a 6 in others? Why can't jeans sizing for women be the same across brands, like it is for men? It's probably because clothing brands for women do something horrible, called "vanity sizing," to make us feel better about ourselves while actually making our lives (esp. shopping for jeans) so much more difficult than it needs to be. So the Washington Post did us all a favor, and went to some of our fave retailers to see what a size 8 means to each brand. Here's what they found.

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Old Navy

clothing, footwear, outerwear, jeans, denim, At Old Navy, a size 8 is considered mid-range (a "medium") and the waist of their size 8 jeans measures a nice, makes-sense 28 inches. Does this mean a 6 measures 26 inches, a 4 24 inches? I don't know. I might have to find out.


The Loft

clothing, fashion, footwear, spring, photo shoot, The Loft also says a size 8 is "medium," but their size 8 jeans are slightly roomier than at Old Navy, measuring 28.5 inches. That's not a huge difference.


Free People

clothing, blue, jeans, footwear, trousers, I love the boho vibe at Free People (found in their own shops and at Anthropologie), but they def engage in vanity sizing. Their 8 is a medium, too, but it's 29 inches at the waist.


J. Crew

mountain, vacation, lake, vehicle, jumping, This is why I loathe J. Crew: sure, their dress pants in size 8 are medium — I'm fine with that — and the waist is a little vanity-sized at 29 inches. But their jeans are actually a bit smaller than their dress pants of the same size. Ugh!


The Gap

clothing, footwear, handbag, brown, bag, You'd think since Gap and Old Navy are basically the same company, their jeans would run the same, but nope. A Gap size 8 measures 29.5 inches around the waist. What? Why?

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American Apparel

clothing, sleeve, muscle, active undergarment, arm, American Apparel considers an 8 to be "large" (what?) and the waist can vary from 30 to 32 inches. Seriously? Come on now.


Dolce and Gabbana

white, footwear, clothing, blue, leg, Okay now, couture brands run a little different with their sizing, but Dolce and Gabbana considers their size 8 to be extra-large (XL) and that's just insulting. I wonder what they consider a 16, which is the average American woman's size right now?


Marc Jacobs

photograph, blue, sea, dress, vacation, I love Marc Jacobs accessories and makeup, but dude, come on! This brand's size 8 is ridiculously weird... in some brands, a 00 or 0 is actually an XL in Marc Jacobs. No. Stop.

So... what's your size gripe, or have you found a range of brands that fit you perfectly? I have to admit: I'm loving White House/Black Market: I'm a size 6 in all of their pants! I guess this all goes to show we're more than just a size number on a tag, right?

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Please don't be so offended and jump to conclusions about clothing sizes. Two thirds of Americans are obese, so it's not unrealistic to expect that their size exceeds extra large

Ever ! Fashion designers need to know curves are it they are real and it by no means means women today are a overweight when I was growing up a size 16-18 was the plus size starting place ! Today's people are way to judgmental ! Just be happy with u!

I would be nice if all women were nice and tiny . The avg. American woman is size 12 and are not fat by any stretch of the imagination .I read this article in hopes of finding who made jeans for women who had curves . This article is a joke.

The fashion industry has gone from making clothing that actually fit women to making clothes that fit sticks ! Most American women have curves a waist hips and an ass, we are not a straight line that just is straight up and down ! I can wear any size from

Than Please be clear about your intentions thank u very much for your comment

A size 9 to a size 15 my waist is much smaller than my hips and most jeans are either to big ( a lot) in waist or to small in hips ! Marilyn Monroe was a size 10-12 curvy not over weight but had curves yet was criticized for this - the most famous model

Clothes sizings are weird, don't put so much meaning into it

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