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Must Know Tips How to Wear Crop Tops No Matter What Your Body Shape is ...

By Sophia

It’s a look that’s becoming hard to resist, so learning how to wear crop tops is your best bet for embracing this increasingly popular trend. The term ‘crop top’ is enough to put the fear into any female but it doesn’t have to be that way. Not all crop tops are created equal and there are plenty of different styles to suit a range of different body shapes. Making the crop top work for you is all about getting the styling right. Check out these top tips for how to wear crop tops no matter what your body shape.

Table of contents:

  1. Choose your length
  2. Embrace the high waist
  3. Keep it conservative
  4. Play with proportion
  5. Highlight your assets
  6. Layer up
  7. Over the top crops

1 Choose Your Length

One of the key factors in learning how to wear crop tops is getting the length right. Different styles of crop tops can be better suited to different body shapes and silhouettes. In most instances, crop tops that hit at your natural waist are your best bet, no matter what your body shape.

2 Embrace the High Waist

One of easiest, most effective ways of pulling off a stylish cropped look is to team your tops with high waisted skirts and pants. This minimizes the amount of skin on show and can is great for defining your waistline and creating a flattering silhouette.

3 Keep It Conservative

Crop tops can be quite daring. For an approachable and wearable take on the trend, keep the rest of your outfit fairly conservative. For example, you might want to team risqué bustier and strapless crops with ladylike midi skirts while boxier cropped shirts could be worn with tailored trousers and shorts. As a general guide, the skimpier the crop top, the more conservative the rest of your outfit should be.

4 Play with Proportion

Making crop tops work for you can be all about playing with proportion. Try balancing out fitted crop tops with fuller skirts and wide-legged pants. Team boxy or loose-fitting crop tops with pencil skirts and fitted cigarette-style pants. Those with leaner or more petite figures could get away with wearing structured and voluminous crop tops while those on the curvier side might prefer to stick to sleek and streamlined tops.

5 Highlight Your Assets

Just like styling any other look, think about what features you want to play up the most. If you want to show off a toned stomach then try a shorter crop. If your arms are your best asset then go for sleeveless tops. Those with bigger busts might prefer a bustier-style crop top rather than a t-shirt or tank top. Experiment with different looks to see what works best for you.

6 Layer up

If the thought of baring your mid-section still daunts you, balance out the revealing nature of a crop top by adding a stylish jacket or coat over the top. By effectively covering up your sides, a jacket can minimise the amount of skin on show even further. Your bared mid-section becomes more of an accent rather than the focal point.

7 Over the Top Crops

There are ways to wear a crop top without showing any skin at all. It can be as simple as layering a crop top over another top. One look that seems to be gaining popularity is wearing a bustier-style crop top over a collared shirt or t-shirt. You could also try a cropped sweater over a crisp shirt for a preppy take on the trend.

If you had previously written off crop tops, think again. Now is the time to take on this daring trend. Are you a fan of the crop top? What tips do you have for wearing crop tops?

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