The Best Ever Tips for Caring for Your Jeans ...

Just because denim is one of the most hard wearing fabrics out there doesn't mean you don't have to look after your jeans. A lot of us struggle to find jeans that we really love and fit us absolutely to a T, so when we do land that perfect pair, don't we owe it to ourselves and them to look after them?

1. Don’t Wash Them a Lot

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When thinking about how to care for your jeans, the key mistake people make is washing them too often. You shouldn't treat jeans like other items of clothing that need to be washed after one or two wears; in fact some experts believe that you can go months and months without washing a pair! You can always pop them in the freezer overnight if you’re worried about bacteria.

2. Correct Tailoring

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Make sure that the jeans you wear fit your body in every single way. Length is most important here, as if you wear a pair of jeans that are constantly dragging on the floor underneath your heels, they are going to fray and tear at a much quicker rate than if you had a pair of the right length.

3. Wash by Hand

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When you do get around to washing your jeans, you should take the time to wash them by hand instead of throwing them in the machine. Putting jeans in a washing machine can encourage color runs and it can also work to stretch the denim prematurely, meaning that they are going to go out of shape much earlier than they should.

4. Don’t Use a Dryer

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You should always hang jeans to dry naturally rather than putting them in a dryer. The harsh heat of the dryer can damage the denim fibers and significantly shorten the life of the pair. This can be most clearly seen in the belt loops that become super loose and often break away, leaving it impossible to wear a belt!

5. Use a Steamer

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Some people swear by never washing their jeans at all, but rather go over them with a steamer every now and then to give them a boost of freshness without having to potentially damage the denim fibers or stretch the fabric unnecessarily. You will probably want to use a scented steaming water for this.

6. Bleaching White Jeans

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It might make them look better, but bleaching your jeans white makes the fabric threads deteriorate at a much faster rate than normal. Instead, you should use a dedicated product like White Brite that can help tackle dinginess and yellowness in your jeans.

7. Fold Them

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Rather than hanging them up or leaving them crumpled on your bedroom floor, you should be folding your jeans for storage as it keeps the intended shape of the cut much better.

8. Overstuffing Pockets

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Pocket sizes can be a really annoying issue, especially in women’s jeans where they are pretty much nonexistent. When you do have pockets, you should try not to overfill them with things like your phone, your mp3 player, money etc., as once the pockets have stretched, it makes the shape of the jeans look completely different.

9. Treating Stains

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Rather than scrubbing stains with normal soap or detergent, you should invest in a dedicated product that is kinder to the fabric of your jeans. Something like a Magic Eraser is perfect, and can do wonders for getting rid of pesky wine or coffee stains.

How often do you wash your jeans? After reading this do you think that will change?

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