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Online shopping is so tempting, because you don't even have to get off your couch to buy all the cute clothing you want for your wardrobe. However, since you can't try on the items in a dressing room first, there's always the chance that what you buy won't fit. To save yourself from wasting money, here are a few pieces of advice to take into consideration the next time you decide to buy clothes online:

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Check the Site's Sizing Charts

In some stores, you'll be considered a size 3, but in other stores, you'll be considered a size 5. It doesn't mean your weight is fluctuating. It just means that clothing sizes run differently in different stores. That's why it's incredibly important to check the site's sizing charts before you order anything. You don't want to buy a medium like you always do, only to find out that you should've gotten a large from that particular site.


Know Your Own Measurements

At the store, you can try on clothes to see if they fit. Online, you need to know the exact measurements that you need. A sizing chart won't be of any help if you have no clue what your measurements are. Have a tape measurer nearby to double check that you're buying the right sizes for your body.


Shop at Stores You’ve Been to in Person

You can't trust every store you come across online. That's why it's best to shop at stores that you've already been to in person. That way, you'll already know if their clothing runs bigger or smaller than you're used to, and you can accommodate your purchases.


Check the Site's Return Policy

You never want to buy from an online store that refuses to give refunds. That way, if the clothing you buy ends up being too small, too faded, or too ugly when you see it in person, it's okay, because you're allowed to send it all back.


Research the Site’s Reputation

If you're buying from a site that you've never used before, make sure to look up reviews of it first. That way, you'll get honest opinions about whether their clothing is worth the price that you're paying. You'll also find out about how long the items usually take to ship and if costumer service is helpful when problems arise.


Read through the Whole Description Given

Read the entire description about the article of clothing you want to buy. It might tell you some information that the picture doesn't. Check to make sure that you're ordering clothing in the right color and the right type of fabric that you wanted.


Don’t Impulse Buy

It's easy to fill up your virtual shopping cart, because all you have to do is point and click. However, the money you're spending is very real, so don't waste it all on an impulsive shopping spree. It's always a good idea to store the items you like in your shopping cart, leave them alone, and look at them again a day or two later. That way, you can delete whatever you shouldn't have added in the first place.

There's no reason to waste money on gas when you could go shopping in your very own home. As long as you watch what you buy, then you should be safe. What are your favorite online stores to purchase clothing from?

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