10 Incredibly Fab Style Blogs from Indonesia ...


10 Incredibly Fab Style Blogs from Indonesia ...
10 Incredibly Fab Style Blogs from Indonesia ...

Style Blogs from Indonesia offer us fantastic fashion inspiration. Whether your style is more on vintage or you like to take an edgy perspective on fashion, there is a fab style blog from Indonesia that will cater to your tastes. I have gathered here a good mix that I'm sure you will find awesome, adorable, chic, and all-around fabulous. Happy bloghopping!

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the Creme De La Crop Evita is 13. Yes, 13. Yes, we know that fashion bloggers tend to start quite young these days but Evita's home on the world wide world is different. Hers is a** top Indonesian fashion blog** because her style is eclectic, fun, and oh-so-adorable. Not only can you take style hints from her outfits, the photos on her blog are great, too.


Hot Chocolate & Mint For a cheerful and colorful view on fashion, Diana is your girl. Not only does she have a fun personality and equally fun style, she's quite the entrepreneur, too! Diana owns an online shoe store.


Brown Platform When I was gathering this list of fab style blogs from Indonesia, Anastasia's Brown Platform popped out. If you check out her blog, you will know why. Her style is trendy with a touch of girly vintage. Oh yeah, she is gorgeous, too.


Glisters and Blisters Isn't that a fun name for a fashion blog? Its owner is the beautiful Michelle. From her blog: While studying fashion business in 2009, Michelle used her blog as an escape from the pile of assignments and Jakarta traffic she battles on a daily basis. So often creative ladies use fashion as a form of escape from the stressors of their lives. Michelle did, too, and she did it in the most fabulous of ways.


Footloose & Fancyfree Peppered with lomo-style photographs, this style blog from Indonesia is a delight to the eyes. Marcella not only has a keen eye for edgy but whimsical style, she is very pretty, too.


I love, LOVE the aesthetics of this style blog from Indonesia. On top of the whimsical blog design, you will also love Clara Devi's style. It's a great blend of vintage-inspired and urban chic with a touch of Boho.


the Diary of the Riotous Belle This is the style blog of one Sonia Eryka. She loves music and fashion. She is a cutie who reminds me a bit of Winnie Cooper. From the blog: She's a blithe. sleepless dreamer. caffeine-kisser. an atom of silliness. Often suspected as the incarnation of Emily The Strange. No, she's not.


Elle and Jess Elle and Jess are sisters. They share everything, "even tooth brush sometimes." Aren't they pretty? They look like the models of my Japanese sewing magazines but 10x cuter.


Sillysmartass This is a fab style blog from Indonesia filled to the brim with cute outfits. Its owner is Adelle Veronica. She rocks at accessorizing and she is quite a designer, too.


Miss Chelle

Miss Chelle The lady behind this blog is Michelle. She is cute, stylish, and quite creative with her outfit posts and photos. Check out her blog to hitch a ride in her fun life.

So there you have some of the fantastic style blogs from Indonesia. I bet you will agree with me when I say that the ladies behind these Indonesian fashion blogs are incredibly adorable and stylish. I don't know about you but I am loving the good mix of whimsical and vintage-inspired from these stylish ladies.

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