10 Incredibly Fab Style Blogs from Indonesia ...


Style Blogs from Indonesia offer us fantastic fashion inspiration. Whether your style is more on vintage or you like to take an edgy perspective on fashion, there is a fab style blog from Indonesia that will cater to your tastes. I have gathered here a good mix that I'm sure you will find awesome, adorable, chic, and all-around fabulous. Happy bloghopping!

1. the Creme De La Crop

the Creme De La Crop

Evita is 13. Yes, 13. Yes, we know that fashion bloggers tend to start quite young these days but Evita's home on the world wide world is different. Hers is a top Indonesian fashion blog because her style is eclectic, fun, and oh-so-adorable. Not only can you take style hints from her outfits, the photos on her blog are great, too.

Hot Chocolate & Mint
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