7 Reasons to Love Maxi Dresses and Skirts ...


7 Reasons to Love Maxi Dresses and Skirts ...
7 Reasons to Love Maxi Dresses and Skirts ...

I love sharing reasons to love maxi dresses! My closet is stuffed to the brim with maxi dresses and skirts and I’m always on the hunt for new styles of maxis and different ways to wear them. Right now I think I own nearly every pattern and color in the rainbow! Please keep on reading to learn my reasons to love maxi dresses!

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Maximum Comfort

One of my top reasons to love maxi dresses is because they are so very comfortable! Jeans can be a bit stiff or tight, but maxis are always loose, comfy, and just right for any occasion. The only thing more comfy than a maxi is yoga pants and a tee!


Effortless Style

Have you scrolled through Pinterest lately? Maxi dresses are all the rage! Throw on a maxi and an adorable scarf, and slip into your favorite boots or sandals and you’ve got yourself an effortless, cute outfit! If I’m in a hurry and can’t put together a cute outfit, I reach for my maxi skirts or dresses! My go-to outfit is a maxi, a tee, and a cute accessory to pull everything together.


Affordable to Purchase

The price of jeans these days is utterly ridiculous. I don’t like shelling out $40 bucks or more for any item of clothing except boots or coats! But maxi dresses and skirts come in at $25 or less most of the time. You can be stylish AND save a buck!


Versatile to Style

Maxi dresses can be perfect for nearly ANY occasion. They are easily dressed up or down! You will look fabulous whether you are running errands or attending a wedding. Just add the right accessories and hairstyle and you’ll be good to go. A pair of heels or wedges can dress a basic maxi up to look a bit more formal.


Maxi is Classy

I am a total girly-girl, and I love anything classy. Nothing says “ladylike” the way a maxi dress or skirt does! Except maybe pearls and high heels of course. But there’s no denying that maxi dresses are classy, so they are perfect for those who feel like adding a little girly-girl flair to their style one day.


Easily Transitioned

One thing I really love about my maxi dresses and skirts is how easily transitioned they are from season to season. In the summer I can wear them as they are, or in the fall I can add a jacket and scarf and boots. Springtime can be approached with a light sweater, so pretty much the only season ruled out is winter! Although, depending on where you live, you might be able to get away with wearing a maxi in the winter.


Maxis Are Modest

I’m a bit old school, but I believe that modesty is the best policy. Showing too much skin isn’t something I’m comfortable doing, so maxi dresses are perfect for me. I can show just the right amount of skin without being a prude.

These are my reasons for loving maxi dresses and skirts, but I know I’m not the only girl out there who loves her jersey knit. Do you wear maxi skirts and dresses? They are really in right now! Please comment below with your favorite way to style a maxi and thanks for reading.

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Love maxi dresses n skirts

I love maxi dresses! I wear them with sandals or flats for a casual look and high heels and nice earrings for going out. A wide belt can help to emphasise your waist and makes the dress look different too.

This is gna sound stupid... What's a maxi dress?? I don't wear dresses much

Thanks Sarah ..think I should try before giving up ...u're right ...maybe they do have something for largish frames too .

Maxi dresses and skirts are ideal for larger people. They elongate the line which is always flattering and hide any less elegant bits. I know!

Love maxis but feel only lean frames can carry em well

I wear them all the time and I'm super comfortable. Pants are just for workouts. Could you do a post on how we could find maxi dresses and skirts plzz

I love maxis too :)

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