3 Must Have Jackets of the Season ...

As September gets under way, the temperature begins to fall almost as fast as the leaves in the soon-to-arrive autumnal winds. Along with a new season comes a new wave of fashion trends, exciting fashion lovers from London to New York. But fall/autumn is notoriously hard to dress for. One minute the sun is shining and there’s a definite hint of warmth on your back as the sun beats down incessantly. The next minute though, your skirt is being blown around your waist, your hair is drowning in a sudden, torrential down pour and your neck and chest feel cold and exposed. Thankfully this fall fashion has taken advice from the Scandinavians and matches style with practicality. Not in a boring sense mind you; we are talking instead about thick, fleece-lined aviator jackets, real leather bomber jackets, chunky parker coats, heavy fleece ponchos, down-lined macs and double-breasted wool riding and military jackets. Seasons greetings to winter jackets! Here are three must have styles for the season.

1. The Quilted Coat

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What could be warmer and snugger than a knee-length padded jacket? Hollywood stars love these things; they were extremely popular earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah to protect everyone from Jessica Biel to Katie Holmes from the cold. The warmest versions include a lining of duck down, but cheaper alternatives make good use of man-made fabrics such as polyester and nylon.

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