8 Incredibly Awesome Ways to Style Your Lovely Sheer Tops for Winter ...

Sheer tops were a big trend this past summer. When it comes to transitional dressing, however, your once favourite sheer tops may be a bit harder to style. When looking to style your sheer tops this winter, play up textural contrasts and team your sheer chiffons and silks with distressed leather, faux fur, or heavy wools. Depending on the design of your sheer top, there are a range of ways to style them.

1. Peeking out

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Work one of the chicest looks this season and wear a collared sheer top underneath a warm sweater. Just make sure the collar is peeking out the top. This look works best with a sweater that has a high round neckline. If your sheer top has long sleeves, also think about letting them poke out from beneath your sweater cuffs too.

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