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Now that school is back in session, I'm dreaming about getting out my cool weather clothes, including all my fall boots. A great pair of boots completes just about any outfit from skirts to dresses to skinny jeans. No matter how you wear them, it's definitely time to pull out those fall boots, dust them off and get ready for the season. If you need some new pairs, check out these great choices.

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Girly Inset

Girly Inset Via 100 Fall Shoes to Slip ...
My favorite thing about these fall boots is the inset of girly lace material.


Rich Brown

Rich Brown Via grace and peace
These simple and neutral boots easily pair with almost anything you own.


Sweater on Top

Sweater on Top Via Heirloom Sweater Boots
The top of these boots looks like a cozy sweater, but for your legs. These are sure to be warm!


Rocker Chick

Rocker Chick Via Accessories Trends - Bags, Shoes, ...
Add these to your outfits for just the right amount of edge and personality.


Calf Boots

Calf Boots Via Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles, Coupons ...
So many of the boots you see these days are tall, but these mid-calf level boots are just about perfect.


Big Buckle

Big Buckle Via Fall Fashion, Best Fall Trends, ...
The big buckle on these boots are what makes me want them so bad.


Cute Design

Cute Design Via Style
The adorable perforated design on these boots makes them something really special.


Subtle Lines

Subtle Lines Via Fall Boot Guide 2013
The lines on these boots make them different from any other pair, but doesn't make them look over the top.


A Little Bit of Plaid

A Little Bit of Plaid Via amethystblog.com
Just a dose of plaid is all you need and these boots offer it in a fun and unique way.


For the Office

For the Office Via Fall Boot Guide 2013
If you need fall boots to wear to work, check out these brown wonders.


Biker Boots

Biker Boots Via Fall Boot Guide 2013
Even if you don't ride a motorcycle, you'll love wearing these boots everywhere you go.



Slouchy Via store.alloy.com
These slouchy brown boots look great with jeans and just about anything else you want to wear them with.


Long Zipper

Long Zipper Via Outfit Ideas
I love boots that zip from the bottom all the way to the top. How do you feel about them?


Lace Them up

Lace Them up Via Fall Boot Guide 2013
These classic boots are fun to wear and stylish with many pieces of your wardrobe.


Over the Knee

Over the Knee Via Accessories Trends - Bags, Shoes, ...
Wear these over the knee boots with a dress or skirt and you'll look great.


Short Wedges

Short Wedges Via Fall Boot Guide 2013
If you love wedges, you are going to die for these low wedge boots. You might never want to take them off!


Southwestern Flair

Southwestern Flair Via New Arrivals | UOIOnline.com: Women's ...
For just a dash of Southwestern accessories, try these boots.



Asymmetrical Via Fall Boot Guide 2013
The asymmetrical top on these boots aren't like anything else you'll ever find.


A Little Bit of Everything

A Little Bit of Everything Via Tied Up
With laces, wedge heels, zippers and other fun details, these boots aren't missing anything.


Tall and Tan

Tall and Tan Via Fall Boot Guide 2013
These are great for work or a night out on the town when the weather gets cool.



Buttons Via Miz Mooz 'Siri' Boot | ...
The button look on these boots is absolutely stunning. These are definitely on my wish list.



Fringe Via Sam Edelman 'Louie' Boot | ...
The tiny bit of fringe here is so cute.


Short and Black

Short and Black Via Fall Boot Guide 2013
This classic and sophisticated pair of black boots will pair with anything you wear.


Metal Details

Metal Details Via Fall
The metal extras on these boots gives them personality and jazz.


Solid Tread

Solid Tread Via Fall Boot Guide 2013
If fall brings slick streets and wet sidewalks, these boots will keep you upright.



Studs Via Fall Boot Guide 2013
I can't get over how cool the studs on these boots look with the black materials.



Pattern Via Fall Boot Guide 2013
The pattern on these boots is great for casual or dressed up outfits.


Faux Fur

Faux Fur Via Fall Boot Guide 2013
I can just feel my feet being super warm inside these.


Thick Heels

Thick Heels Via Fall Boot Guide 2013
The chunky heels on these boots are solid and comfortable, no matter how often you wear them.


Two Tone

Two Tone Via Fall Boot Guide 2013
These two tone boots are really fun, don't you think?



Distressed Via Liberty Black Short Western Boot ...
Even brand new, these look like a pair of boots you'll find yourself living in.


Zipper Fold over

Zipper Fold over Via Fall Boot Guide 2013
I like how you can fold these over or zip them all the way up.


Different Heels

Different Heels Via Fall Boot Guide 2013
It's super cute how the heels are a different color to the body of the boots.


Tall Leather

Tall Leather Via 60s 70s FRYE Tall Riding ...
There is nothing about these boots that isn't perfect.


Match Anything

Match Anything Via Free People Landry Tall Boot
I can see these looking wonderful with jeans, skirts, leggings or a dress.


Pants Look

Pants Look Via Fall Boot Guide 2013
The overlay on these boots make it look like you are wearing pants over them. Genius!



Spikes Via Fall Boot Guide 2013
I'm a sucker for the mixture of girly and spikes so I'd probably wear these with leggings and a jean skirt.


Top Cuff

Top Cuff Via reddressboutique.com
A cuff at the top of your boots gives them a coolness that adds personality to your look.


Darker Straps

Darker Straps Via HauteLook
The darker straps are simple, but they add a lot of impact to these boots.


With Socks

With Socks Via B I S K O ...
You can't go wrong with a great pair of socks peeking out of your boots.


Pull Them on

Pull Them on Via Best Boots - Hottest Trends, ...
I like boots that have those loops at the top because it makes it easier to pull them on.



Awesome Via Fergie Fresh at Zappos.com
I can't think of a better word to describe these boots. What would you say about them?



Comfortable Via suicidal tendencies
These look super comfy, don't you think?



Casual Via Naughty Monkey 'Risk It' Boot ...
I would wear these all the time! The details make them fun while also keeping them casual.


Buckle Straps

Buckle Straps Via THESE BOOTS EXACTLY on The ...
The buckle straps are cute and edgy, making these boots one of my top picks.


Something Different

Something Different Via Cowgirl
You're aren't going to find these boots just anywhere, so snap them up if you spot them.

Do you wear boots a lot in the fall? I have several pairs because I just can't resist them sometimes. Which pair on this list is your favorite?

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I think Dr. Martens would make a nice addition to this list. 😁❤️

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