7 Fabulous Boot Styles for Your Winter Wardrobe ...

As the colder weather is quickly creeping upon us and Jack Frost is about to come out of summer hibernation, most of us are putting our sandals away whilst wiping the dust away from our boots and luckily, the shops are full of some fabulous boot styles for your new winter wardrobe. I love my boots and when summer approaches, I am always reluctant to de-robe my feet (partly because they're not the most dainty pair you ever saw). Here some fabulous boot styles that your feet will thank you for this winter.

1. Knee High

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I love my knee highs and practically live in them over the winter months as they mould to my legs and keep them nice and warm. A pair of over the knee boots are so versatile. In brown or black, they're perfect for day and night, over pants or with your favourite mini. These are one of my favourite boot styles.

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