7 Pretty Doll-like Dresses ...

Doll-like dresses are key trend for spring. Babydoll, smock, or drop waist dresses are all examples of popular doll-like dress shapes. Fashion has long had a fascination with the Lolita-esque aesthetic, and this season’s doll-like dresses are about infusing your everyday look with a sense of girlish naivety. Dresses that are doll-like can be hard to style, but the key is to balance out anything overly froufrou with sleek and structured accessories. See what you think of the doll-like dress trend by taking a look at a few examples below.

1. Modcloth Snow Bunny like You Dress

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Price: $134.99 at modcloth.com
This doll-like dress features cute embroidered snowflakes and bow ribbon details. It has a slightly structure baby-doll design with cap sleeves, V-neck and zip fastening at the back. This dress would look fantastic teamed with opaque stockings and Mary-Jane shoes.

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