7 Quick Fashion Tips to Remember if You're Short on Time ...

One or two quick fashion tips can make all the difference in helping you get out the door earlier, and still arrive to your destination looking fabulous! One trick to keep in mind when it comes to staying fashionable in a hurry is to keep things simple and safe. That doesn’t mean boring either, if you’re wondering! Try my quick fashion tips that keep you stylish, but can be used for a last minute occasion or when that blasted alarm clock forgets to go off!

1. Check Your Backside

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One of the best quick fashion tips I ever learned was not to leave the house before checking my backside. By this, I mean taking a reverse look in the mirror before you leave to see if you have a wrinkle, a stain on your shirt you didn’t know about, a piece of your undergarment showing, a tag hanging out, or stray hairs all over your sweater. When we’re in a hurry, it can be easy to forget how we look from the back, but keep something in mind. When you’re out in public, people pay attention to how you look from behind, just as much as they do in front. Sometimes, we aren’t even aware we’re making a fashion faux-pas because we didn’t check our backsides first!

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