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7 Ways to Look More Fashionable in a Snap ...

By Lucy

Want to take your Snaps to the next level? Look super fashionable, chic and sophisticated in a second with these easy 7 ways and don't forget to comment your favourite! 💋 🎀 ❤️ ✨

1 Wear a Statement Piece of Jewellery

Want to take a selfie on Snap while looking super fashionable and trendy? Wear a statement piece of jewellery such as a chunky necklace or dangly earrings to show off your love for accessories! If you go for earrings it might be nice to wear your hair up so others can get a good glimpse!

2 Show off a Seasonal Hat

Now that we're moving out of summer and into autumn you can whip out all your favourite beanies or berets - whatever speaks to your style - and show them off in a Snap! You can keep up this trend for the colder seasons and once summer and spring roll back around, swap that beanie for a cute cap or wide brim hat for all those days at the beach!

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3 Wrap up in Style with a Scarf

Look super trendy and keep warm with a scarf around your neck or let it drape on either side, it's up to you! If you're daring opt for a scarf in a bright vibrant colour or with a bold print! Otherwise if you prefer subtle and simplicity opt for a plain or neutral colour scarf such as black or white, which can be paired with pretty much any outfit!

4 Be Chic with a Pair of Sunnies

Are you having one of those no makeup days when you just can't be bothered doing a full face but you still want to look chic in a Snap? Pop on a pair of sunnies (particular an over-sized style if you want to add a little mystery) and you're good to go!

5 Flaunt Your Favourite Outfit

Have a favourite trend right now that you just can't get enough of? Show it off in your Snap and make your style known to others in your many favourite outfits right now! This is the best way to show off all your favourite pieces in a single snap.

6 Balance Your Makeup and Outfit

Striking a good balance between your makeup and choice of outfit is key to looking super fashionable in a snap! If your outfit speaks for itself, tone down your makeup or opt for a natural look. Otherwise if your outfit is fairly toned down and simple, let your choice of makeup add an element of drama to your look!

7 Promote Well-known Clothing Brands

If you have any pieces by well-known brands (particularly designer brands such as Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, YSL, Gucci etc.) make sure you include these in your snap to instantly look super fashionable and stylish!

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