7 Less Known Fashion Mistakes to Avoid ...


7 Less Known Fashion Mistakes to Avoid ...
7 Less Known Fashion Mistakes to Avoid ...

Fashion mistakes to avoid listed here are not your usual “no white after Labor Day” list of fashion faux pas but an interesting collection of don’ts even good dressers can sometimes forget. It’s that thin line that separates good dressers from really spectacular dressers and something that, hopefully, should help us all discover the critical areas that need to be polished to perfection. Let’s talk style improvements, then, by illuminating the biggest fashion mistakes to avoid! And here’s exactly what most of us did or are still doing wrong.

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Wearing Unflattering Colors

Colors and skin tones – you know how much they matter! But why do I think this is one of those fashion mistakes to avoid if you really want to look great? Simply because the wrong color (regardless of how trendy it is) can make you look tired, blotchy or even play with your skin tone in a really cruel way, making you look too orange, too yellow, to0 pinkish or even a bit green! If you have a warm skin tone and dyed blonde hair, you may discover that red makes your hair appear yellow and gives your tan a blotchy appearance. Ladies with a lot of pink in their complexion should be careful around My Little Pony colors because they may end up looking the part. But those are hardly the rules… everyone should do their best to find their perfect colors.


Sticking to a Few Basic Colors

My sister does this all the time! She’ll come up with a great outfit that’s completely beige or black or brown! And I mean completely – head to toe, even shoes and accessories! It makes her look average and that’s one thing she absolutely is not. Sounds familiar? Well, time to do something about it! Once you find the colors that look good on you, do your best to play with them. Throw in something red or green to make your beige outfit more interesting, wear chocolate brown with mustard yellow, orange or even plum. Petrol green is also a wonderful, highly unusual color that can be mixed and matched endlessly. Sounds too complicated? That’s exactly what my sister says! Well, if you’re worried that you’ll look like a clown or are pretty sure you can’t colorblock to save your life, do the next best thing – play your outfit up with accessories! Black outfits are a piece of cake – all you have to do is step into a pair of bright colored shoes and thrown on some statement jewelry. As for all other outfits, try this – choose accessories in vibrant complementary colors if opting for a dark monochrome outfit or go for dark, deep colors if opting for a light monochrome outfit.


Thinking a Change of Style is Pricy

Making a change doesn’t have to mean getting a new wardrobe and if this is what has been stopping you from following your heart, you really need to learn how to let this fashion faux pas go. Building personal style is a process so, yes, it should happen slowly. Go go through your closet and pick out universal items such as jeans, tees, shirts and sweaters. These will be the base of your look, which means that you should keep them in mind every time you’re clothes shopping. Purchase a pair of chunky-heeled boots and your jeans and sweater ensembles will go from totally casual to casually chic. Opt for a knitted dress and a trendy blazer the next time and you won’t only get to wear them together but update a previous outfit as well. Belt a dress and wear it as a tunic with jeans or use your new blazer to put together a hip outfit combining jeans and tees you had from the beginning. You choice of outfits will be limited for the time being but that will change very quickly. And mind you – you will no longer be purchasing items simply because they match everything in your closet but be a wise shopper and a creative dresser as well!


Wrong Undergarments

Have I mentioned this before? Well, let me just say this much – if you’re going for a flawless look, this is a fashion mistake to avoid. I’m talking correct size, correct bra cup, correct band size and panties that actually fit, but you may also choose to kick it up a notch and consider seamless and spanx-like stuff that will really make the finished look smooth, wrinkle and bulge-free to such a degree that you’ll look like you have no underwear at all. Oh and one more thing – pantyhose band! Some fit like a charm, others are too tight, super uncomfortable and the ones to blame for that unsightly line around the waist. If you ever find yourself dealing with this second kind, simply grab a pair of scissors and trim top half off. The bottom half of the band will prove to be much looser and more flexible (although not pretty looking, unfortunately), yet still firm enough to keep the hose from slipping.


Right Outfit, Wrong Occasion

I like to be a bit overdressed, like if the occasion calls out for a casual look, I’ll take that extra step and go for casual chic. Going overboard, however, is a most definite no. Now, I do have to admit that I don’t think this is a less known fashion mistake (at least not in my book), although I will list it, simply because it’s obvious not all know that being overdressed is just as bad as being underdressed. Would you play tennis in high heels? No? Well, don’t show up for a sports match dressed like you’re going to the Oscars! You shouldn’t look like one of the players either and yes, it’s okay to wear heels, just keep your outfit daytime appropriate. Makeup on the beach, heels on the beach, statement jewelry on the beach or their exact opposites – casual Fridays mistaken for couch potato Sundays.


Not Experimenting with Your Wardrobe

We all are guilty as charged – you, me , everyone! Just think about it – how many times have you had to go shopping claiming you have nothing to wear? Our closets are bursting with clothes, we’re tripping on shoe boxes and yet – we often find ourselves totally bummed because we have nothing to wear! Isn’t that so? Well, let’s turn a new leaf, shall we? Rearrange your closet so you’ll get a better idea what’s in there, then try to put together some outfits you never thought about before. An hour a week of playing dress-up will help you discover a whole new wardrobe and help you look different every day without unnecessary shopping!


Onesies for Adults

Why didn’t anyone warn me about onesies? Seriously, ladies, you could have given me a heads-up and helped me prepare for this atrocity! Now, I know this is not a 'what not to wear' list but a collection of tips to help you polish your look to perfection but damn, I had to mention those! They are bulky, have no shape, make you look like a big baby and some even have a bunny tail! Exactly what fashion needs – a colorful hazmat suit! I vote against them as outerwear (can you imagine using a public restroom while wearing one of these?) but do believe they are comfy, warm and easy to pull on enough to be worn in the house.

Is there a less known fashion mistake that makes your hair stand up? And which style mistakes of your own would you like to make right?

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So precious advice here!!! Ordinary beige/brown/grey outfits, as that sister from the article, we should try to avoid those, ok? it is a waste of opportunity to look good! Pantyhose can be tricky but on the other they are just the right tool I need to style myself. And yes, when I played dress up with my clothes, I was often surprised which pieces went well on me together even though I did not expect them to look well in theory. You just need try and try and learn. Great article!

I agree with you Josefin, it's called not having your own sense of style, I think the truly fashionable people are people who are not afraid to try something different from the norm!

Camel toe. Given how common the saying is, it's horrendous how many people clearly forget about it. Leggings should be fitted to your shape and not baggy.... But should also not be tight enough to show ALL your shapes!! :-O

I 100% agree with Ruth on the camel toe.

I really like this piece, it's full of practical ideas and tips; perhaps easily forgotten rather than less known :) I love the idea of devoting a day to going thru my closet, playing dress-up to discover new looks, and to take inventory of what's actually there lol! And that horrible panty hose waist band, it had to have been create by a man ;) I can't wait to cut the band on a pair to see how that works!

One mistake that almost ALL (at least "popular" and not so unique) girls at my school make is just wearing what everybody else does, and I mean the EXACT same things, it's like they're not inspired by anything when putting together their outfits! It doesn't look bad or tasteless most of the time, but it's starting to look a little boring. I think no unique or different (to everyone else's) source of inspiration is a dangerous thing when it comes to fashion! Fashion needs a touch of YOUR personality to work.

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